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Q & A on corrugated board production technology

in the process of corrugated board forming, what are the frequent faults and how to eliminate them

1. The corrugated height is not enough, which may be due to low pressure or temperature, or high moisture content in the paper. The solution is to adjust the pressure or roll temperature, or reduce the servo motor system to a servo control system, and adopt intelligent feedback operation, which can test the speed at a fixed speed, cycle test, programming test, etc., so that the paper can be dried

2. The corrugated height is uneven, and the lengths of both sides of the corrugated paper are different, showing a fan shape. This is due to poor parallelism of the corrugating roll or uneven pressure at both ends. If the corrugated paper on the left is shorter than that on the right, the left side of the upper corrugated roller should be raised appropriately, otherwise it should be adjusted in reverse

3. The corrugated paper curls into a barrel shape, mainly because the temperature difference between the upper and lower rollers is too large. Check the working condition of the heating source in the upper and lower rollers with overcurrent, overvoltage, overload and other protective devices. Maybe one of them fails and can be repaired or replaced

4. The corrugated paper is adhered to the corrugated roller surface. This phenomenon usually occurs when the roller surface temperature is too high or the moisture content of the base paper is too high. At this time, the roller surface temperature should be adjusted to dry the paper before pressing. If the scraper does not fit the roller groove, it should be adjusted or replaced

how to maintain the corrugating roll

1. Before use, check the parallelism and fastening of corrugating rollers, and adjust the matching pressure between rollers

2. When using, pay attention to the sufficient lubrication of the corrugated roller. 3D printing is becoming increasingly popular. Spraying a small amount of oil mist or antifriction agent on the surface of corrugated rollers in production will reduce the wear between corrugated rollers and prevent the fracture and foaming of corrugated paper

calibration method of tensile testing machine 1 Calibration of the pneumatic value of the tensile testing machine (tensile machine): after entering the computer program, open the calibration interface. 3. After use, remove the fitting pressure and clean the roll surface. Never wash the high-temperature roll surface with water, otherwise it will deform the roll and accelerate wear

4. Regular maintenance. Under normal circumstances, the corrugating roller can produce about 20million meters of corrugated board. If 50000 meters of corrugated board are produced every day, grinding and repair will be carried out after about a year. The diameter of the corrugating roller after grinding will be reduced by about 1.0mm, the coefficient of corrugation will increase, and the amount of base paper and adhesive will also increase

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