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Q3 growth rate of the global smart market is only 4%

according to foreign media reports, the Research Institute canalys announced on the 4th that due to the decline in high-end sales in Europe and Latin America, the global smart market grew slowly in the third quarter, only 4%. The global market fell by 4% to 6% in the same period

canalys analysts said in a statement: "although the growth of the smart market slows down when the load can no longer rise, its performance is still better than that of the whole market, and promotes the revenue growth of various operators." The smart market is particularly cold heading. The large-size m27-m366 corner cold heading needs great momentum. The growth is largely due to the good performance of expensive models such as iPhone, Nokia N97 and blackberry blackberrybold. However, vendors are now paying more and more attention to cheap models. "We expect that in the next two years, the smart market will grow and popularize rapidly, and the competition in this field will also intensify."

Research Institute canalys said that Nokia's product share fell in the third quarter, but it still accounted for 40% of the smart market, while its competitors rim and Apple's market share was 21% and 18%. In addition, Taiwan HTC and Japan Fujitsu's market share was only 5% and 3%

symbian operating system accounts for 4% of the market share. The accuracy of cement strength test and experiment is affected by many factors, 6%, far ahead of the accurate hand of pressure control. Microsoft's WindowsMobile market share continued to decline in this quarter, only 8.8%, and Google's latest Android Market share accounted for 3.5%. Easy technology

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