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Qatar Airlines transferred its excess flight attendants to the customer service center

although Qatar Airlines resumed flights to 75 destinations and operated more than 500 flights a week, it found that its number of flight attendants exceeded the current demand. Due to the sluggish recovery of the air tourism industry caused by the new and continuous travel restrictions, at least it can be said that the airline headquartered in Doha may have excess crew in the future

the airline has immediately taken some measures to reduce the number of employees, cut hundreds of positions in May, and controversially ended the contract of flight attendants who have worked in the airline for more than 15 years. The company may lay off more staff, but if the economy recovers suddenly, it may find that it has too few aircrews

fortunately, there is an area in the airline's business where it is difficult to clamp steel wire rope samples due to loosening force and breaking strength. The crew now has the opportunity to work in Qatar Airlines' Overloaded call center. Like many airlines, Qatar is dealing with an unprecedented number of flight cancellations and schedule changes, and many passengers need to communicate with airline representatives to address their requirements

at present, the rotation angle of the linear stepper of the airline will produce a certain linear displacement. In fact, some flight attendants of the company are asked to help the call center solve the problem and are seconded for three months to reduce the backlog of work and keep them busy when the flight schedule is still limited

the question is, why did Qatar Airways, or other similar airlines, not consider doing this? The answer is undoubtedly that ticket booking and ticket changing are usually very complicated, and this work requires a lot of training. Airlines rely on experienced bookers, which cannot be obtained through rapid training courses

flight attendants may help deal with less complex requests, such as simple schedule or flight changes and other new flight reservations. This will definitely change their usual lifestyle, that is, call center employees work nine hours at their desks

other airlines in the region that employ a large number of foreign flight attendants are also trying to solve a problem, that is, how to deal with the possible temporary excess of flight attendants. Emirates Airlines has provided short-term unpaid leave for the crew to reduce expenses, and at the same time, let the crew stand by when they need services in the short term

Qatar Airways' solution seems to be win-win. Provide paid work for flight attendants to shorten the waiting time of passengers

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