The hottest Omron released the latest Gen2 inlay

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Omron released the latest Gen 2 inlay

Japanese electronics company Omron recently released the latest EPC second-generation UHF RFID inlay, named "Ninja". The inlay is specially designed for the single grade mark of drugs. Various sensing instruments have been tested in advance, which shows that the system can read 300 Ninja tags per second

The size of Ninja is 1.1 square inches (Note: about 28 square millimeters), which is suitable for most drug bottle labels. Compared with the larger second-generation labels used to track containers and pallets in the retail supply chain, its reading and writing range is relatively short, and its development has directly driven the growth of Shandong innovation group, which is 4 feet (Note: 1 foot = 0.30448 meters), which makes it suitable for tracking individual items (note: generally, the reading and writing range of labels used for pallet tracking of containers is 15 ~ 25 feet). If a large number of items with labels, such as a box of closely arranged medicine bottles, are read in a dense situation, the relatively short reading and writing range can limit the number of accidental labels (labels placed on items outside the container) collected by the reader writer

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