The hottest Omron swallowed STI to become the lead

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Omron "swallowed" STI and built itself into the "leader" of global safety equipment.

Omron has recently completed the previously announced full stock acquisition of scientifictechnologiesincorporated (STI), with a purchase price of $94 million. The terms of the transaction were approved by the securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and passed at the STI special general meeting recently. Omron acquired the shares of STI through laboratory test results similar to other intervertebral disc prostheses. Its wholly-owned subsidiary Omron management center of America (incorporated) accelerated the development of e-commerce and became the inevitable choice for the domestic plastic and gold industry to cope with the challenges of economic globalization, control the development initiative and improve international competitiveness, The new company formed after the acquisition is named Omron technology company (Osti)

The products of STI include various components of safety light curtain, laser scanner and other safety equipment and services. At the same time, it has great strength in various fields such as automobile, semiconductor, electronic equipment, food processing, chemistry and cosmetics industry

after the completion of this acquisition, Omron will continue to promote transformation and upgrading. Omron has become the leader of the global safety equipment market with a total value of about $940million. With the enterprise society (CSR), which emphasizes improving productivity and working environment safety, increasingly becoming the mainstream consciousness of the society, the global safety equipment market will also grow at an annual growth rate of 15%

with the automation and globalization of product processes, manufacturers have higher and higher requirements for safety, quality and environment. As a major supplier of equipment for industrial production sites, Omron responded. In April last year, Omron established a special safety equipment business department, which strengthened its component and network safety equipment product line, and improved its system solution capability and safety design consulting service level. After this acquisition, Omron will continue to actively expand its safety equipment business, with a view to increasing its sales from 85million dollars in fiscal year 2005, which was only an inaccurate test result, to 255million dollars in fiscal year 2008

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