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Omron is honored as "Golden Bee 2011 excellent enterprise social list"

on December 2, Omron participated in the Fourth International Symposium on Chinese enterprise social reporting in Beijing and won the Golden Bee 2011 excellent enterprise social report - foreign and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises Award to commend Omron for its outstanding performance in enterprise social practice and report preparation

it is understood that this is the first time Omron participated in the selection of Golden Bee excellent enterprise social list. Omron won the honor with its first corporate social report for China, "enterprise is the 2010 Omron China social enterprise report that contributes to the society". The report takes the group purpose that the enterprise is to contribute to the society as the main line, and explains in detail how Omron uses the company's professional advantages, combined with China's national conditions and the needs of stakeholders, while undertaking the society, from the aspects of the company's internal management, creating social needs, practicing the environment, being an excellent corporate citizen and respecting employees, To realize the rapid development of its business in China, we promise to have a detailed understanding of the knowledge of experimental machines in the province 24 (4) and deal with the problems raised by customers within 8 hours

Yu Zhihong, the judge of this award, the editor in chief of the WTO economic guide and the executive director of the International Research Center for social and sustainable development of Peking University, said: This is an excellent social report issued by multinational companies in China. It responds to the concerns and expectations of Chinese stakeholders and has become one of the important tools for Omron to communicate with the servo electromechanical side of the universal servo experimental machine for stakeholders in China, For more enterprises in the preparation of social reports to provide reference and reference

Ms. Jia Wei, head of Omron's operation and management department and public relations department, said: since Omron entered China, it has always adhered to the corporate society, committed to creating demand and contributing to Chinese society. With the core technology of sensing and control, Omron actively provides the Chinese government, customers and business partners with various fiber materials and solutions needed in the production process of energy conservation, emission reduction and low-carbon fields. At the same time, it also promotes the employment of the disabled, sports and the revitalization of education. Omron has compiled these efforts and attempts into a volume, and hopes to share our experience with more enterprises. We are very encouraged by the unanimous recognition of domestic experts and the extension of the report as a social practice report of excellent multinational corporations

the Golden Bee excellent enterprise social report list is jointly sponsored by the Journal of WTO economic guide of the Ministry of Commerce, the China Business Council for sustainable development, and the Sino German enterprise social project. The awards are divided into seven groups. A total of 32 enterprises and an industry organization stand out this year. Among them, Omron and five foreign-funded enterprises won the group awards of foreign investors and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan enterprises respectively

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