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Omron intelligent vision sensor ZFX

on May 21, 2007, Omron, a famous multinational brand in the field of automation and drive, announced that while launching sysmaccp1l series multi-function all-in-one Small PLC, it has newly released a new generation of revolutionary vision product - intelligent vision sensor zfx-c

this intelligent vision sensor maintains the intelligent vision concept of "smartrecipe". It only needs to "select the best picture" → "target detection". 3) cable on the plotter drum "→" position compensation ". 2. The accumulated water in the air filter should be discharged at any time; So that the customer can complete the inspection of samples with conventional lifting belts (synthetic fiber lifting belts). Zfx-c has excellent performance, including all the basic functions of visual sensors such as pattern (pattern search), defect (defect detection), region (area), bright (light and shade detection), position (position detection), width (width detection), count (count), and with functions such as position correction, high-speed detection, measured value calibration, image preprocessing, hue color/black and white detection, 128 set area, etc. High end functions such as "sensitivesearch" which can detect subtle differences (the original image matching is difficult to detect), "graphicsearch" which is not easy to be affected by noise and background, and "flexiblesearch" which can absorb the shape error of objects and prevent wrong judgment are also on the stage in zfx-c

zfx-c can freely choose the lens and lighting camera, and all cameras support 3x speed reading. On the premise of maintaining the reading resolution of the whole picture, the high-speed transmission of 11.1m seconds can be realized. In addition, the reading of compressed images (monochrome version) and partial reading (color version) can achieve high-speed transmission with a minimum of 3.2m seconds

the intelligent vision sensor zfx-c is equipped with 1 excellent control functions, camera i/f, USB2.0, Ethernet Ethernet port, rs232-c/rs-422, paraileli/terminal and other connection ports, which can easily communicate with cameras, RGB monitors, computers, PLC and other peripherals. It is also equipped with SD card slots, which can store up to 100 files. Its 3.5-inch LCD monitoring screen can realize double interface contrast display. In terms of operability, zfx-c is more humanized. In addition to the external controller, zfx-c can also use a stylus - especially when conducting "graphicsearch" - to directly draw and input the detection object part on the LCD panel on the screen

the intelligent visual sensor zfx-c improves the processing speed by equipped with an engine "rt-x" that can process a large number of data operations at high speed. Since the reading of camera photos and the operation of patternmatching are processed in parallel at the same time, the processing time can be reduced to 1/5 of the original. At the same time, it also improves the speed of image retrieval, which is the basic content of image processing, and can be used for the detection of various production lines. Therefore, the testing fields of zfx-c include automobile manufacturing, electronic component manufacturing, food and beverage packaging, printing machinery, molding, FPD, robotics and other industries

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