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Omron's concept of "new automation" helps enterprises in East China to make green transformation

[December 2, 2013, Shanghai] today, Omron, a world-renowned manufacturer of automation control and electronic equipment, unveiled the all smart future Omron Technology Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as the comprehensive exhibition) at the Shanghai Science and Technology Museum. With its new automation concept, Omron extends its leading automation technology to the field of green production, makes full use of energy conversion and control technology, and develops a series of solutions to save energy and production resources, helping enterprises in East China maximize energy efficiency in production and life, and move towards a more energy-saving, greener and sustainable development

Omron Technology Exhibition - stop the idling of air compressors

Shanghai and East China attach importance to green production, energy conservation and emission reduction of urban and manufacturing enterprises, and have always been in the leading position in the domestic use of aluminum on aircraft year by year. As early as 2009, the Shanghai municipal government launched a five-year plan to build green manufacturing, implemented cleaner production audits on 12 key production enterprises in the city, and actively promoted the reform of enterprise development mode. This year, Shanghai once again clarified the plan of the new pattern of green manufacturing. In order to further promote the transformation of energy conservation and emission reduction of enterprises, Shanghai has not only vigorously supported the technological transformation of energy conservation and promoted the development of environmental protection industry, but also set specific targets of reducing the energy consumption per unit of GDP by more than 3% and the energy consumption per unit of added value of the industrial system by 3.6% over the previous year. In view of this, Omron invited Mr. Nobu Nobu, the head of the Environmental Promotion Office of Omron (China) Co., Ltd., to the site at the comprehensive exhibition in Shanghai to personally introduce the successful exploration experience of Omron's benefits to enterprises through green production

Omron showed the dust removal predictive control technology at the technology exhibition

diagnosability of energy helps enterprises easily predict carbon emission data

how to save the energy and resource consumption of production and reduce the pressure of production on the earth and the environment has become the focus of attention all over the world. The global manufacturing industry is undergoing a green transformation. At the beginning of this year, China announced to promote the pilot work of carbon emission trading rights in seven provinces and cities across the country and actively practice green production. The newly released decision of the Third Plenary Session of the CPC Central Committee clearly points out that we should actively develop the environmental protection market, promote the trading system of energy conservation, carbon emission rights, emission rights and water rights, promote the third-party treatment of environmental pollution, and implement the total amount control of pollutants in enterprises and institutions

aiming at China's energy-saving issues, Omron specially displayed energy diagnosable solutions that can help enterprises maximize energy efficiency in this technology exhibition. This is a set of solutions to help enterprises reduce power consumption without reducing production quality. Through the electricity meter and monitoring sensor in the energy diagnosable system, managers can analyze the unnecessary energy consumption in production from the monitoring data, and easily improve the energy consumption by adjusting the use of equipment. Take OMR factory installed with this system as an example. Through the solar photovoltaic building integrated design and energy diagnosable system, the factory saves about 1444900 kwh of electricity on average every year, saving more than one million electricity bills for the factory, equivalent to saving 20% of carbon dioxide emissions. In addition to encouraging energy conservation and emission reduction, Shanghai and major cities in the Yangtze River Delta have also actively promoted photovoltaic power generation and parallel power generation projects in recent years, hoping to alleviate energy shortages and environmental pollution caused by urban and industrial development by creating clean energy. Therefore, Omron also specially exhibited the technological exploration in the field of photovoltaic energy at this comprehensive exhibition. Aicot is Omron's first anti islanding operation technology for solar power generation system in the industry, which can effectively solve the mutual interference problem of Inverters from different manufacturers when they are centralized and merged in solar power generation system, and significantly improve the energy efficiency of inverters when they are centralized and merged. This application can detect the island operation status in 0.2 seconds, so as to quickly check the mutual interference between inverters from different manufacturers. Applying alcot anti islanding operation technology to solar power generation system and combining it with energy diagnosable system to form a complete solution can help enterprises achieve energy saving and energy generation at the same time, so as to improve energy utilization

Omron showed the energy-saving control technology of central air-conditioning cooling water pump at the technology exhibition

automatic energy saving effectively reduces the energy consumption of central air-conditioning

in addition to helping manufacturing enterprises create energy and save energy in production, Omron also developed an energy-saving cooling water pump energy-saving control system for central air-conditioning, helping to establish an industrial Alliance in the field of ceramic aluminum new material diesel engine, and reducing people's energy consumption in life. This system can not only be used in factories, but also in large commercial buildings and office buildings. By installing controllers in the circulating water pump of central air conditioning equipment, and applying Omron's leading intelligent dynamic algorithm, it realizes the visualization of data such as the operation frequency, power consumption, temperature control of air conditioning water pump, and realizes high efficiency and energy conservation through the prediction of demand changes. Taking Shanghai Omron Control Appliance Co., Ltd. as an example, the factory installed energy-saving control devices for the cooling water pumps of the air conditioning system in only two days. After that, the manager can set the operation of the water pump to the corresponding frequency conversion mode according to the service condition of the air conditioner. According to the calculation of two 45 kW cooling water pumps that are normally operated in the factory, the energy saving amount in a year is about 76800 kW, saving 53760 yuan of electricity, and the energy saving rate reaches 39%

it is worth mentioning that Omron not only actively promotes energy-saving and emission reduction solutions in technology, but also helps customers achieve green production. As a manufacturing enterprise, Omron itself is also actively involved. OMR plant of OMRON not only took the lead in installing the diagnostic system of energy, but also actively participated in the carbon emission trading project. It became the first enterprise to voluntarily carry out carbon inventory and control carbon emissions in accordance with the latest "guidelines for maintaining instruments in Shanghai greenhouse gas emission accounting and reporting" and "Shanghai annual carbon emission quota allocation and management measures"

as Mr. Yoshito Yamada, the Global CEO of Omron, said at the opening ceremony of the exhibition, Omron has always been friendly and honest to deeply understand the needs of Chinese society and establish a long-term, stable and mutually beneficial relationship with Chinese society. This comprehensive exhibition will be the best opportunity for Omron to have in-depth communication and mutual exchange with partners in Shanghai and nearby regions. We hope to provide them with technologies and services that are more in line with current needs

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