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Omron introduced a small programmable controller SYSMAC CP1H

in order to meet the needs of the industrial control field for high performance, high integration and improved maintenance performance of equipment, Omron introduced a new small integrated programmable logic controller (PLC) with high scalability?? SYSMAC CP1H mainly includes cp1h-x (standard type), cp1h-xa (analog built-in type) and cp1h-y (high-speed positioning type). CP1H integrates various functions of cs/cj, enriches and strengthens the application ability through a variety of built-in functions, and shortens the design time of adding complex programs. With many new functions, this new small PLC can be used in textile, packaging, food, printing, as well as some driving functions, such as cables and other industrial control occasions, which is rare in similar products at present

cp1h is located in a small computer, but it is based on cs/cj (especially CJ, which is a medium-sized PLC platform), so it has many functions of a medium-sized computer, such as pulse output and analog output. The PLCs previously launched by OMRON are mainly high-end and low-end products in the traditional sense, while there are few small PLCs such as SYSMAC CP1H that integrate a variety of medium-sized machine functions. Therefore, the introduction of CP1H is of great significance. It makes up for an important part of Omron's product chain and makes Omron's entire PLC product chain more complete

cp1h supports the standard DeviceNet Fieldbus and extends a variety of i/o functions, such as the integrated high-speed pulse output function, which can be equipped with 4-axis standard; The counter function can be equipped with 4-axis phase difference mode as standard; The equipped universal USB1.1 parallel port can also realize standard carrying; More importantly, CP1H has the function of serial communication, which is mainly realized by two ports, namely, RS-232C and RS-485, which are freely selected. In addition, cp1h-xa also supports the analog input/output function of 4-channel input/2-channel output, which enables the same CPU to monitor the analog quantity, which is very suitable for the plane inspection of various devices, the prevention tools of small errors (such as loose screw fixation) in component production, and the oil pressure control of molding machines. These i/o functions allow users to make choices according to specific application needs and cost constraints, and can be extended to other applications, such as Ethernet, which fully reflects the high flexibility of SYSMAC CP1H

cp1h has a high-speed pulse output function that requires a constant speed tensile testing machine and can be standard equipped with 4 axes. It can play an advantage in high-precision positioning, especially suitable for the assembly of electrolytic capacitors in electronic product manufacturing devices, as well as the paper feeding of packaging machines and other applications. Cp1h-x series can achieve 100kHz × 2 axes and 30 kHz × High speed pulse output of axis 2; Cp1h-y has built-in 1MHz linear driver input/output, and also has 20 points (12 points input, 8 points output) of general input/output to achieve 100kHz × 2 axes and 30 kHz × 2-axis pulse output function

The high-speed counter function of CP1H makes it particularly suitable for spindle control of fiber equipment, textile machinery, as well as handling and positioning occasions such as building materials manufacturing machines and stone cutting machines. It has built-in 8-point input, and its supporting subsequent equipment plastic extruder is called auxiliary machine cut-off function, and has 50 μ S pulse width pulse capture ability. CP1H can make 10kHz one-way counting, and the maximum 100kHz can be used at this time × 4-axis and 10kHz × 8-axis counter, totaling 12 axes. These performances make the basic instruction of CP1H more than 6 times higher than that of CPM2A launched by OMRON earlier, while the MOV instruction is 26 times higher. Not only the basic instructions, but also the application instructions have achieved high-speed, which provides help for the overall high-speed of the equipment

cp1h is equipped with standard USB1.1 port and two serial communication interfaces (RS-232C and RS-485), which can easily realize the connection with computer while connecting Pt, various components (frequency converter, temperature controller, intelligent sensor, etc.) and the serial connection between PLC. For example, when controlling multiple boilers, various devices need to be set and monitored. At this time, CP1H can realize data exchange within 10 channels for up to 9 boilers. However, the serial PLC link function can only work in one of the two serial ports of CP1H

cp1h CPU is based on CJ platform. Although it is positioned in the application field of minicomputers, its speed and processing function are far higher than that of minicomputers. Therefore, it has obvious performance advantages over general minicomputers, and the time it takes to process a basic instruction is only 0.1 μ s. The CPU of general small PLC products takes 0.6 to process the same instructions μ S or more. Users can choose CPUs of different levels (cp1h-x, cp1h-xa and cp1h-y) according to application requirements and cost constraints. Other properties of

cp1h include:

memory box: it can record programs and initial value data so that they can be copied to other devices.

7 LED status display

insufficient battery operation: when the power is turned on, The built-in flash memory of CPU can save and output the initial values of all DM areas (32kw)

up to 20K steps of program capacity

up to 320 points of i/o and 37 channels of analog quantity

in terms of software, CP1H can shorten the time of adding complex program design. Because CJ programming environment is used, fb-st programming function is supported. It contains a variety of function blocks. When users need to connect to another intelligent control system, they don't need many programs to set various parameters, just call out the corresponding function blocks from the program library, and the corresponding functions can be realized automatically

the optimized programming environment adopts structured text (st) language, which makes numerical calculation simpler; The communication program is provided by smart FB (function block). Through smart FB provided by Omron, ladder programs for various communications can be realized, which will greatly reduce the time of program development and debugging. In addition to PLC, whether it is the parameter setting of high-function units or the configuration of various FA networks, the standard switching blocks (ladder diagram/st language) for various applications can be preset by using the simple programming software CX programmer without consulting the manual

cx one is a fa kit for connecting, setting and programming Omron components including PLC. CP1H can only be programmed and set through CX programmer. CX one contains the programming/setting kit of NS series programmable terminal and temperature controller, which can be used together with CP1H to realize simple setting and simple programming. Therefore, it can effectively shorten the installation and debugging time of machines and equipment

sysmac CP1H plans to achieve mass production in August

Omron is based on its two core technologies?? Sensing and control can provide a whole series of PLC products suitable for various industrial control occasions, from high-end to low-end, from buttons, frequency converters, to servo motors, and can provide a complete solution for the market. Omron attaches great importance to the customization of products. By segmenting the market and determining the research and development of products according to the specific needs of customers, Omron can get closer to the market and customers. At present, Omron's customers in China account for about 10% of its total global customers. In the past few years, Omron's business in China has increased at an average rate of 30% per year. In the future, Omron will maintain an annual growth momentum of 30% and strive to quadruple by 2007. The demand for Small PLC in the Chinese market is increasing, and its performance is required to be higher and higher. It integrates various functions, such as communication function, analog and pulse processing capacity and speed. The functions and characteristics of SYSMAC CP1H can just meet the development requirements of the Chinese market. HONGNA technology has obtained the certification requirements of major domestic electric vehicle lithium battery manufacturers

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