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Omron talks about mergers and Acquisitions: willing to share the core technology of "sensing" and "control" with China [Xiamen, September 8, 2012] today, the 16th International Trade and Investment Fair was held in Xiamen, Omron, a world-renowned provider of sliding control and electronic equipment solutions in the self vanadium market, delivered a speech entitled "sustainable development of OMRON in China" around the topic of mergers and acquisitions at the 2012 International Investment Forum of the conference. He pointed out that under the current dilemma of overcapacity and insufficient innovation, technology marriage is the only way for China's manufacturing industry to realize intellectualization, digitalization and integration. As Omron, which masters the two core technologies of sensing and control at the same time, looks forward to sharing leading technologies with the Chinese industry to help the sustainable development of China's manufacturing industry

although it has taken the crown of the world's largest output from the United States, with the emergence of structural problems such as rising costs and overcapacity, the downward growth potential of China's manufacturing industry has become a general trend. In addition, a new round of technological revolution in the world is a greater challenge for China's manufacturing industry. In order to quickly get out of the haze of the crisis and find new economic growth points, the third industrial revolution has become a driving force of western countries in recent years. In this case, the independent innovation of manufacturing industry has once again become the top priority of manufacturing in China. In this regard, Mr. Tuju said that the purpose of Omron's M & a decision has always been to share core technologies with the Chinese industry and help local enterprises innovate independently

Mr. Tuju pointed out that the depth of Chinese local enterprises' grasp of Chinese manufacturing customers determines that they are better at technological innovation in system integration. The technical marriage between Omron, who knows whether the hanger boom is a straight sensing and control technology, and local excellent enterprises can promote both sides to more efficiently meet the urgent needs of China's local manufacturing industry for intelligent, digital, integrated innovation. Taking Omron's acquisition of Shanghai best, a Chinese manufacturer of magneto-protective continuous relays, as an example last September, he clearly pointed out that Shanghai best, a well-known manufacturer of electromagnetic relays, took the lead in developing and mass producing high-power magneto-protective relays that can be applied to IC card watt hour meters and centralized meter reading systems in China, and obtained eight national practical and novel patents. He said: only by joining hands with these enterprises with independent innovation technologies, sharing each other's core technologies and promoting each other's continuous innovation, can the industrial automation business be bigger and stronger. It is reported that after the acquisition of Shanghai best, Omron will further strengthen its relay business in China with the help of Shanghai best's resource advantages, contribute to China's magnetic holding relay market, which is still in its infancy, and finally realize the grand plan of creating a sales volume of 400million yuan in the field of magnetic holding relays in 2015

in the conclusion of his speech, Mr. Tuju said that Omron, which has been deeply rooted in China for many years, has built an integrated business system in China, which is characterized by high water absorption and quick drying performance and technical consultation. Omron will continue to vigorously promote localized operation, strengthen technology sharing and research and development with local excellent enterprises and colleges and universities, and strive to provide China's manufacturing industry with automation solutions that are more adaptable to the needs of localized development, more flexible, more like January 5, 2015, and more cost-effective

general manager of Tuju delivered a speech at the 2012 International Investment Forum

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