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Microsoft overweight IOT: accelerate IOT innovation with azure smart cloud

digital transformation is setting off a vigorous new industrial revolution around the world. Like steam engines, electric power and computers, today's digital technology represented by cloud computing, big data, IOT and artificial intelligence has become the driving force for social progress and productivity change

among the many new forces leading the fourth industrial revolution, IOT, which takes the interconnection of everything as its own responsibility, is a technology application with the widest coverage, the most involved fields, the most complex compatible devices and the closest distance from people. From smart bracelets to nuclear power plants and aircraft engines, from safety production to medical health, the application of IOT can be said to be everywhere. IOT is an important hub of digital transformation. On one side, it is a variety of end devices, and on the other side, it is a cloud platform with infinite potential; On the one hand, astronomical big data is continuously produced, and on the other hand, it also provides an excellent application stage for the application of artificial intelligence

at the build 2017 global developer conference held in May this year, Microsoft CEO Satya NADELLA first compared edge intelligence of IOT with Microsoft's smart cloud, the core of Microsoft's digital transformation strategy, and clearly pointed out that the combination of ubiquitous IOT and readily accessible cloud intelligence will open a new future for us

on September 7, the combination of IOT and cloud intelligence was further explained at the second IOT conference and AI forum held by Microsoft. With the help of Microsoft and its partners, more and more enterprises are taking advantage of the cloud + end IOT ecosystem to take the lead in the wave of digital transformation

work together with partners to create a cloud + end IOT ecosystem

in Microsoft's cloud + end IOT strategy, Microsoft Intelligent Cloud azure is the core cloud platform, and has provided a series of mature, reliable and comprehensive cloud services and solutions, which can help users and partners build a safe and reliable cloud IOT platform quickly and conveniently

Bao Jiafeng, vice president of Microsoft Greater China, general manager of Omni channel business unit, commercial customer business unit and cloud computing strategy

among them, azure IOT suite is a set of pre configured solutions with comprehensive functions and one-step implementation, which integrates a variety of services related to IOT and big data analysis in azure, and provides two solution templates: remote monitoring and predictive maintenance. With the help of this suite, users can connect and manage millions of devices in two directions through AZ with the development of large-scale integrated circuits; Use azure machine learning, flow analysis, hdinsight big data analysis technology to analyze and find valuable data insights from data, forms, logs; Then, on the power Bi dashboard, the equipment operation status or potential problems and risks are clearly displayed with intuitive dynamic charts

ThyssenKrupp, a world-renowned elevator manufacturer, has used the preventive maintenance service of azure IOT suite to overhaul and maintain 1.1 million elevator equipment deployed around the world, significantly reducing equipment downtime and related cost investment. Aircraft engine manufacturer rollsroyce uses preventive maintenance to manage the engines of more than 13000 civil airliners, and timely control the working status of these jet engines, which will not only help reduce fuel consumption, but also minimize maintenance costs, while reducing the potential risk of flight delays. The well-known domestic renewable energy enterprise Xiehe new energy has built a power+ management platform using azure IOT suite, which can not only flexibly and quickly access and manage the power generation equipment distributed throughout the country and even around the world, but also significantly improve the working efficiency of the unit and reduce accident hazards and maintenance costs through machine learning and preventive maintenance

the Shenzhen centered hard core technology is a solid foundation for Microsoft IOT strategy by adding pre dispersed foaming agent partner ecosystem. In the past 18 months, local hardware ecosystem partners have cooperated with Microsoft to create more than 200 new smart devices, which have been sold to more than 50 countries and regions around the world, creating more than 6 billion value

angel is the earliest and largest well-known water purifier manufacturer in China. In order to meet the opportunity of digital transformation, angel adopts Microsoft azure IOT suite to remotely manage and predictive maintain the new generation of water purification equipment through the cloud platform. With the global coverage of Microsoft cloud, angel's cloud management platform can also be quickly deployed to overseas markets. Based on the azure IOT suite of Microsoft smart cloud, Lei Ju international has built a cloud based medical diagnostic device management platform for Roche, a world-renowned medical device manufacturer. On the one hand, it can strengthen the safety management of the equipment through remote connection, equipment tracking, electronic fence, etc. at the same time, according to the use information fed back by the equipment, the platform can automatically formulate the corresponding preventive maintenance plan to remind the timely replenishment of consumables, so as to ensure the continuous and efficient operation of the equipment

intelligent acceleration, opening the innovation opportunities of IOT

today, popularizing artificial intelligence has become an important mission of Microsoft. In the field of IOT, Microsoft hopes to accelerate the integration of AI and IOT intelligence and promote the transformation and innovation of application scenarios and business models by providing the world's leading AI technology platform

as a pioneer in artificial intelligence research, Microsoft brings together the valuable achievements made in the basic research and application field of artificial intelligence over the past 20 years into the reality of Microsoft cognitive services, which are provided to developers and users in the form of cloud API services. As long as developers write a few lines of code, they can call the artificial intelligence of Microsoft cloud to integrate speech recognition and video 26 Sand filling method uses sand recognition, face recognition, natural language understanding, multilingual translation and other functions to add to its own applications, creating unlimited possibilities for intelligent IOT applications. At present, Microsoft cognitive service has launched 33 APIs around the world, and launched six experimental projects including gesture recognition in the form of cognitive laboratory to achieve more natural human-computer interaction

through the flexible use of Microsoft's AI platform and services, our partners have achieved many remarkable innovative achievements in different fields:

promote the smart transformation of retail industry. Jianfu convenience store, which is rooted in Xiamen and has nearly 1000 stores, cooperates with Microsoft to carry out smart retail innovation by comprehensively using cloud computing, IOT, big data and AI technologies provided by Microsoft, Based on face recognition and big data analysis, the consumption habits and preferences of consumers are accurately classified and managed. With the help of artificial intelligence of azure IOT service and Microsoft cognitive service, Guangzhou ganlai has developed an intelligent wechat, which not only reduces the manual maintenance cost of vending machines and improves the inventory efficiency by using remote monitoring, but also expands new revenue channels such as interactive games and advertisements by introducing face recognition, human-computer interaction and consumption data analysis

innovative smart home experience Kohler, a world-renowned high-quality home brand, is working with Microsoft to create a smart home control system with bathroom integration. With azure as the background, baizhilong, a smart home solution provider focusing on software + hardware, has created a smart home solution that can integrate and control lighting, air conditioning, curtains and other systems, and uses Microsoft cognitive services to realize human-computer interaction in natural language. Micro whale technology's smart TV products also include a face recognition application based on Microsoft cognitive services. Its face brushing and unlocking function will automatically enter the exclusive children's TV page when recognizing that children use TV, and control the time children watch TV at the same time

let people live healthier. There are more than 100million diabetes patients in China. In order to improve patients' blood glucose monitoring and daily diet management, Jian'an Huaxia has developed a medical follow-up solution. The data collected by the continuous blood glucose meter and the patient's life rule information are uploaded to the cloud, and the azure machine learning is used to predict the trend of the patient's blood glucose change, and then powerbi converts the prediction results into intuitive charts to provide patients with guidance on diet, exercise and medication in the future. Also for diabetes, airdoc uses azure cloud service and Microsoft cognitive service and cognitive toolkit to recognize medical images of fundus photos of diabetes patients, assist doctors to complete the screening and analysis of diabetes retinopathy (DR) more quickly and accurately, improve the problem of low early diagnosis rate of DR, and effectively reduce the risk of visual loss and blindness of patients

Zhuang Furen, general manager of enterprise and cloud computing products market in Microsoft Greater China

with the accelerated development of digital transformation in all walks of life, the integration of artificial intelligence and IOT will create more market opportunities in more industries and fields. Microsoft is committed to giving full play to its own advantages and contributing to China's innovation. Based on the Microsoft intelligent cloud platform, which is safe, reliable, mature and efficient, and can continue to create value, Microsoft will help more Chinese customers, partners and developers win new opportunities brought by digital transformation

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