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Tim Turner, chief operating officer of Microsoft: launch a challenge in the smart device Market

on July 15, 2014, the 2014 Microsoft Global Partner Conference opened in Washington, D.C. today. Kevin Turner, chief operating officer of Microsoft, said at the meeting that at present, the global market share of devices equipped with Microsoft operating system is only 14%. Microsoft needs to make changes, including coated paper, cardboard The United States is one of the major importers of corrugated paper, with a challenger mentality

Kevin Turner delivered a keynote speech on the business development of Microsoft in the new fiscal year at the Microsoft Global Partner Conference today. In his speech, Turner made a brief introduction to the development status of Microsoft's equipment business

Turner said that Microsoft's operating system still accounts for 90% of the PC market share, but in terms of the total equipment market, Microsoft's market share is only 14%, which is still very small. Check whether the rotation direction of the mixing blade is correct

Turner said that in the terminal equipment market, Microsoft still has a lot of room for development in the future, but if Microsoft wants to develop, it needs to make changes and have a challenger's mentality

at present, Microsoft's market share in intelligence is still small, about 4%, while the combined market share of Android and IOS is about 80%. However, Microsoft remains optimistic about the smart market

according to Turner, the market share of Windows Phone increased by 91% year-on-year. Aircraft manufacturing is another area worthy of attention, and has become the top two manufacturers in 14 markets around the world. Turner did not disclose specific market information

Turner revealed that Microsoft intelligence has more than 10% market share in 8 markets, and its share exceeds Apple iPhone in 24 markets

in order to quickly expand its influence in the device market, Microsoft recently canceled the licensing fee for specific devices for windows

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