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Microsoft's cross platform Smartwatch will be released in October

the news on June 30, 2014 said that Microsoft Smartwatch will be launched in October, using 11 sensors and open APIs. Previously, the patent documents related to Microsoft Smartwatch have been exposed twice: the first document shows the detailed information of fitness tracking function, local production and development of removable body, dial and so on; The second document shows the actual appearance of this wearable device

According to the latest news of Tom s hardware, Microsoft smart wristband will be launched in October this year. It is equipped with 11 sensors and uses open APIs to achieve cross platform compatibility. The message also said that the display will be located on the lower side of the wrist strap. Cross platform compatibility means that this product, such as zinc, tin, chromium Nickel and other smart watches/smart wristbands can be used with him: "we use vapor deposition method w to be used on various large buildings with indows phone, Android or IOS devices; Microsoft has obviously made a good move in this regard, which can stand out from other competitors' products. Users are also more inclined to choose a smart watch that is not limited to a specific ecosystem."

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