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People in the robot industry have different opinions about Microsoft's entry.

Microsoft aims to bring robot technology to the public for popularization by releasing programming software that can simplify the development of new applications, and repeat the methods it once used in the early days of the personal computer industry

Microsoft released a preview version of microsoftroboticsstudio one month ago. This preview version of microsoftroboticsstudio aims to simplify robot programming by reducing some troublesome work and creating standards for different types of hardware. Microsoft's entry into the robotics field once caused an uproar in the industry. In fact, the robot industry is very messy, and even a discussion on the composition of robots will lead to a fierce debate. Due to its strong resources and its consistent practice of conquering its competitors, Microsoft is usually despised and doubted when entering a new field. However, in the robot industry, there is a lack of large manufacturers that can compete with Microsoft. Therefore, many manufacturers regard the entry of Microsoft as recognition of their business

according to Jon, a management consultant of corawere, a robot and system integration manufacturer, Microsoft's involvement has brought credibility to the robot industry, which shows that robots are no longer just a toy. Microsoft regards this robot industry as an emerging industry. According to Trower, President of Microsoft Robotics group, it is estimated that this market will need to wait for ten years before consumer robots grow into a multi billion dollar industry. Therefore, the operation of its robot department is different from that of other business departments. Its office is within the Research Institute

according to Trower, another breakthrough of Microsoft in the field of robots is that microsoftroboticsstudio can simulate the actions of robots affected by physical laws such as gravity and friction. He also said that computers are developing from one processor to multiple processors in order to obtain faster speed. But handwriting software will create a series of new technical obstacles. Robots will provide a perfect test platform, because they are the natural development of PC

trower believes that robots are essentially the "next evolutionary direction" of personal computers and a key area of the future computer market. The current robot market is similar to the personal computer market in the late 1970s and early 1980s. The performance of hardware continues to improve. Symptoms: fixture divergence Prices are falling, said Michael Dickey, a professor of chemical engineering at North Carolina State University "This work is exciting, and robots may soon become ordinary non composite membrane consumers.

industry commentators believe that robots for ordinary consumers are likely to be another hot spot in information technology. Now some enterprises have launched small household appliances such as intelligent vacuum cleaners with robot characteristics, and this market may grow to tens of billions of dollars in the next 10 years.

robots in the industrial field often have poor performance There are more stringent requirements, but we can also see that many products that are not designed for the industrial environment have later entered the industrial field. Large industrial computers begin on the basis of personal computers. The above is about the classification of friction and wear testing machines and the precautions in operation. It is believed that the robot called "the 'next evolution direction' of personal computers" by Trower will also make a decisive contribution to the application of industrial fields

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