The hottest Microsoft investment transfers 8 share

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Microsoft invests in the transfer of 8% equity of Dalian Huaxin, and Shenzhou Taiyue takes over. According to the announcement, Shenzhou Taiyue signed an equity transfer agreement with Microsoft China want to know Investment Holding Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Microsoft investment) on April 18, intending to acquire 12million shares of Dalian Huaxin held by the latter in cash, accounting for about 8% of the total share capital of Dalian Huaxin. The competition around the commanding heights of science and technology and industrial development is increasingly fierce, with a transaction amount of US $10.8 million

Founded in 1996, Dalian Huaxin is mainly engaged in computer software outsourcing, application software development, system integration and software maintenance services. Microsoft investment is the second largest shareholder of the company, holding 11.14% shares. In addition, Japanese enterprises including NEC and Hitachi also hold varying amounts of shares at the review stage

at present, the board of directors of Shenzhou Taiyue has approved the transaction, which still needs the approval of the Ministry of Commerce. Sina Technology (carefully record the past of the instrument)

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