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Microsoft announced to streamline its intelligent hardware business

Microsoft announced on Wednesday that it plans to streamline its intelligent hardware business, for which it will cut up to 1850 jobs. Affected by this, the company will record about $950million in impairment and restructuring costs, of which about $200million will be used as severance pay

Satya NADELLA, CEO of Microsoft, said: our business focus will be on where we have differentiated characteristics. Enterprises attach importance to safety, ease of management and our continuous functions, as well as consumers. We will continue to innovate devices and cloud services on all our mobile platforms

Microsoft predicts that this will lead to a maximum of 1350 layoffs in Microsoft mobile oy in Finland and a maximum of 500 layoffs worldwide. Employees working in Microsoft oy, an independent sales subsidiary of Microsoft in Espoo, are not included in the layoff plan

affected by these decisions, in the fourth quarter of fiscal 2016, Microsoft will record an asset in its more personal computing department, which is the upstream material of lithium batteries. Lithium salt is in short supply. 6. Prevent high temperature, humidity, dust, corrosive media, water, etc. from immersing into the machine; Impairment charges

the measures related to today's announcement are expected to be basically completed by the end of 2016, and will be completed by the end of the company's next financial year, that is, July 2017

more information about these expenses will be provided in Microsoft's fourth quarter earnings announcement on July 19, 2016 and the company's 2016 annual report on form 10-K

Microsoft (NASDAQ MSFT @microsoft) is a leading platform and productivity company for mobile first and cloud priority areas. Its mission is to help individuals and enterprises around the world realize their potential

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