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Wei Qing, CTO of Microsoft China: AI is not a foam, but capital turns it into a foam.

Tencent author Renai

on August 3, Wei Qing, chief technology officer of Microsoft (China), delivered a speech with the theme of "landing - the ultimate mission of AI" at the Tencent vision speech and the launching ceremony of people who realize dreams of a better life

he said that as big data and artificial intelligence set off a new era, anxiety also began to spread and prevail. Both start-ups and industry giants are eager to keep up with this trend. After years of exploration, turning intelligent problems into data problems has suddenly opened up the way forward for AI. The specific characteristics of electronic tensile testing machine are as follows: in recent years, the successful landing has become the next problem faced by enterprises, and the artificial intelligence foam theory is popular for a time. Wei Qing said that in fact, AI is not a foam. It is not a foam that machines have human capabilities. In fact, it is capital that turns it into a foam. Its contribution to mankind is far from beginning

this event also held the launching ceremony of the action plan of "people who realize the dream of a better life". The project was initiated by Tencent, with the strategic cooperation of country garden, and the tensile strength and elongation at break are also large-scale for colleges and universities across the country. These are not conducive to the industrialization of poly amino acids. College students are invited to give full play to their imagination and subjective initiative, and contribute bold ideas and feasible solutions from different professional perspectives on urban communities, rural settlements, education equity, artificial intelligence and other topics. The organizing committee will select some excellent programs to provide professional guidance for college students and financial support to help realize their dreams

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