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Microsoft launched Windows Embedded posready 2009 to provide a flexible, interconnected and easy to install special operating system for the retail and catering industries

China industrial control industry controls information on the fifth theme. Microsoft launched Windows Embedded posready 2009 to provide a flexible, interconnected and easy to install special operating system for the retail and catering industries

Microsoft launched Windows Embedded posready 2009 to provide flexible, interconnected Easy to install dedicated operating system New York - January 12, 2009

Microsoft announced today at the National Retail Federation (NRF) Annual Conference and exhibition that it will launch the latest product of its dedicated device class Windows Embedded ready product line, Windows Embedded posready 2009, the next generation of Windows Embedded for point of service (POS). Windows Embedded posready 2009 is an embedded operating system optimized by Microsoft for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) developing POS solutions and enterprises using POS devices. The new generation of POS platform is a flexible operating system, which aims to realize the seamless connection between POS solutions and various peripherals, servers and services

Ilya bukshteyn, senior global marketing director of Microsoft Windows Embedded, said: "In this era of increasingly close connections, the retail and catering industries are eager to acquire a new technology that can help them transition from the traditional mode of doing business step by step to a new mode of improving customer service and establishing good customer relations. Windows Embedded posready 2009 is designed to achieve this transition. The platform integrates a variety of technologies, including Microsoft Silverlight,.Net Framework 3.5 and windows presentat Ion foundation to provide an unusual and excellent user experience and ultimately improve customer loyalty "

in addition, Microsoft also announced the strong growth momentum of the windows embedded operating system in the retail market. According to a market survey report recently released by IHL Consulting Group, a well-known analysis institution in the global retail and catering industry, in 2007, the supply of POS in the retail and catering market in North America, the windows embedded operating system reached 36%*

the improved flexibility of the newly launched Windows Embedded posready 2009 platform can provide a new generation of solutions that are familiar, easy to deploy and can be remotely managed for retail and catering enterprises that originally used Windows Embedded for point of service, such as macy's and Douglas cosmetics, and provide new storage options, which can effectively reduce the total cost of ownership of POS devices

greg Buzek, President of IHL group, said: "The increasingly fierce market competition and the sluggish economic situation make enterprises more willing to adopt innovative services that can reduce costs and optimize business processes. By implementing plug and play connections with peripherals, embedded operating systems such as Windows Embedded posready 2009 can provide retailers with the flexible system components and software they need, thereby reducing their total cost of ownership and improving their front-end work efficiency 。”

improve the connection experience through innovative technologies

windows embedded posready 2009 is an important part of POS solutions for intelligent, interconnected, service-oriented devices such as cash registers, kiosks, electronic signs, ATMs and gas dispensers. Through continuous upgrading, the product can provide the following three new functions:

1, flexibility. Windows Embedded posready 2009 can flexibly customize the operating system image according to specific hardware requirements. The platform is easy to use a variety of storage media, including USB for installation and remote deployment. OEMs and enterprise users can reduce their costs and improve the security of the solution by customizing the operating system - only using components that meet their business needs

2. Seamless connection. Supporting the built-in network and standard based plug and play functions, Windows Embedded posready 2009 can easily connect various peripherals, servers and services, and work seamlessly with a series of retail applications, so as to facilitate users to install, configure and manage POS solutions running on this platform

3, reliability and familiar user experience. The platform continues the consistent reliability, manageability and familiar user experience of the windows operating system, and supports the latest Microsoft technologies, including Microsoft Net Framework 3.5 (supporting Windows Presentation Foundation), Windows Internet Explorer 7 and Windows Media MDI are also used in paint player 11, Microsoft Silverlight, Microsoft SQL Server Express and Microsoft Office viewers

as a member of the Windows Embedded special equipment family, the Windows Embedded posready 2009 solution prints 40000 nano material green printing electronic tickets for the national science and technology week at all stages of the product development cycle. It can get all kinds of help, as well as support from more than 170 industry-leading partners and OEMs, including NCR, IBM, deliduofu, Fujitsu and other equipment manufacturers, Independent software manufacturers such as torex, and chip manufacturers such as Intel and AMD

if you want to effectively protect and extend the service life of the experimental machine, download and try Windows Embedded posready 2009 or for more information, please visit:

Microsoft Corporation (nasdaq:msft), founded in 1975, has become a leading provider of global software, services and solutions. Its products can help users and enterprises give full play to their potential

* 2008 North American retail and catering industry survey report released by IHL Consulting Group


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