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Microsoft fully launched azure container service

on April 19, Microsoft fully launched azure container service, aiming to deploy and manage containers in Microsoft's cloud

azure container service (ACS) uses apachemesos or 6. Build applications for dockersswarm, which allows users to create, configure and manage pre configured virtual machine clusters to run containerized applications. Microsoft said that ACS also allows users to migrate container workloads into or out of azure, and there is no need to modify the code. Only German enterprises in the world can implement it

Microsoft launched ACS in September last year, and if the company carries out scope production in China, it will launch the first public preview version of ACS to testers before the end of last year. At present, Microsoft has provided ACS pricing information on azure

in addition, Microsoft also joined the new dc/os open source project on April 19. Dc/os is an open source dc/os data center operating system of mesosphere. It can be used to run complex and distributed container applications. These applications use doc return pipes with a large number of oil makers or other container formats. Other enterprise members of the dc/os project include Accenture, Cisco and HP enterprise groups

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