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Industrial fibers enter the era of competition and cooperation

from May 25 to 26, hosted by China Chemical Fiber Industry Association and China Industrial Textile Industry Association, polyester industrial yarn Professional Committee of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, national textile and chemical fiber product development center, Zhejiang guxiandao new materials Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Huitong Protective Technology Co., Ltd The 2012 annual meeting of the Forum on new development of industrial fibers with poor materials organized by Dalian Xinhai Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. was held in Shaoxing, Zhejiang Province. At the conference, representatives of chemical fiber enterprises and industrial textile enterprises discussed the development plan of industrial fiber. They agreed that the development of industrial fiber must enter the era of competition and cooperation

the situation is grim

"China's chemical fiber industry has entered a period of in-depth adjustment"

the operation of the textile industry this year is not optimistic, especially the shrinking export market is worrying. Data show that from January to April, textile enterprises above Designated Size nationwide achieved an industrial output value of 1.67 trillion yuan, an increase of 13% year-on-year and a decrease of 17% year-on-year. In terms of industrial operation efficiency, nearly 1/5 of enterprises lost money, the increase of loss amount reached 120%, and the sales profit was only 4.5%, down 0.66 percentage points from last year

the decline in production mainly comes from the decline in domestic sales and the weakness of the external demand market. The total domestic sales increased by 15.6% from January to April this year, and the growth rate decreased by 7.9 percentage points. After deducting price factors, the actual growth rate of retail sales was only 11.6%. The export situation is more severe. From January to April, China's textile and clothing exports totaled US $71billion, with a year-on-year increase of only 1.07%, compared with the national growth rate of 19% last year

chemical fiber enterprises in the textile and clothing industry feel the same for these situations. Jin Ge, general manager of Zhejiang guxiandao new materials Co., Ltd., said, "the external competitive environment is poor. 4. The implementation machine of packaging and process functions (including packaging drop implementation machine, packaging impact implementation machine, friction and wear implementation machine, bending implementation machine, straightening machine, etc.); we all have experience of the slow expansion of domestic demand."

the chemical fiber industry also reflected this. Taking polyester industrial yarn as an example, water absorption (water repellency) and water vapor wet flow density (permeability) should be met at the same time. From January 2011 to March 2012, polyester industrial yarn maintained a relatively stable market. However, in April 2012, the price was affected by the overall textile environment, and the price of products fell sharply, and the whole industry changed from profit to loss

"last year, the operation of the chemical fiber industry generally showed the situation of high before and low after, danger and unhappiness. However, by analyzing each industry in detail, we will find that the more over developed the industry, the more prominent the problems it encountered, the more difficult it was to adjust, the longer the cycle, and the deeper the range." Duanxiaoping, President of China Chemical Fiber Industry Association, said, "China's chemical fiber industry has officially entered a period of in-depth adjustment."

what is asymmetric with the operation of the chemical fiber industry is the increasing demand of industrial textile enterprises for industrial fiber materials. Taking geosynthetics as an example, the growth potential of its demand is immeasurable. The 21st century is a century in which water resources and environmental problems are prominent. Geosynthetics will play a great role in the seepage prevention of water conveyance canals, reservoirs, reservoirs and environmental engineering. The real opportunity is for the country to increase infrastructure construction. Geosynthetics have been widely used in water conservancy, transportation, environmental protection, metallurgy and many other fields

the days when chemical fiber enterprises earn big money by production alone have passed, and industrial textile production enterprises cannot all extend to the previous process. So far, the competition and cooperation between the chemical fiber industry and the industrial textile industry has begun to take shape

the way of development

"chemical fiber enterprises should develop special fibers for industrial textiles"

Duan Xiaoping believes that the chemical fiber industry has officially entered a period of in-depth adjustment. In such a period of adjustment, it is very important to understand the market and the needs of users

as a downstream user of chemical fibers, industrial textile production enterprises still have great profit space and development potential on the whole, although they also have many problems. Li Lingshen, President of China Industrial Textiles Association, has a sincere attitude towards many suggestions on the development of chemical fibers. He said: "the excessive expansion of the industry has led to the erosion of comparative advantage. At this time, enterprises basically do not starve to death, but all survive." He believed that many fiber production enterprises were in trouble because they did not understand the direction and focus of downstream products and blindly expanded production. He suggested that chemical fiber enterprises should consider developing special fibers for industrial textiles, and made an in-depth analysis

medical and health use (2) the development direction of tensile modulus of elasticity and tensile secant modulus of elasticity textiles is to research and develop medical tissue and organ materials, develop high-end medical protective articles, and promote new health products. The related special fibers are biomedical fibers, medical or sanitary ppt spunbonded special chips and short fibers, biodegradable, antibacterial, super absorbent and other functional fibers and differentiated fibers

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