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High efficiency and energy-saving industrial thermal insulation coatings

in 2012, Xinjiang transported more than 40 million tons of coal, sent 6.479 billion kwh of electricity, and the pipeline exported 9.29 million tons of refined oil and 15.08 million tons of crude oil. It is estimated that in 2013, the outward transportation of coal, electricity, pipeline output of refined oil and crude oil in our region will be more than 34million tons, 6billion kwh, 11million tons and 22million tons respectively. With the rapid development of industry, there is a high demand for energy-saving materials

as a thermal insulation coating in Xinjiang, it can be applied on industrial equipment to insulate heat and improve heat use. An industrial thermal insulation coating is a solar heat reflection thermal insulation coating, which is painted on buildings, oil tanks and depots, granaries and depots, and outdoor equipment that covers the restriction requirements of raw material components and additives used in the products, so as to reduce the heat of the sun and maintain the low-temperature object surface; The other is to prevent heat conduction, reduce heat transmission and improve the utilization rate of heat energy

industrial heat reflective insulation coating is a kind of heat reflective insulation coating, which can improve the reflection of solar heat radiation, reduce solar heat absorption, and play an energy-saving function of heat insulation and cooling. Heat reflective thermal insulation coating is a new type of cooling and energy-saving material, which can be well protected from sun, temperature and heat. It is easy to brush and has good energy-saving effect. At present, Zhisheng Weihua company, a large-scale and well-known "manufacturer in China, has studied the thermal insulation coating for a relatively early time, and its performance is relatively brushed. It has a wide range of applications in China. Zs-221 Zhisheng sunscreen and thermal insulation coating of Beijing Zhisheng Weihua company can reduce the surface temperature of objects by more than 20 ℃, The metal materials of all parts, as well as the surfaces that can be in contact with the samples in cloudy days and at night, adopt sticky soft rubber to reduce the temperature by more than 3 ℃ or to be consistent with the atmospheric temperature, and the heat reflection and insulation effect is obvious. Zs-221 sunscreen and heat insulation coating of Beijing Zhisheng Weihua company has a good waterproof and anti leakage effect on objects painted with small cracks. In addition, the coating is smooth and flat after brushing, with good hydrophobicity and self-cleaning performance, so the normal temperature cooling coating is a new sunscreen, heat insulation, energy-saving and long-life coating integrating high-efficiency cooling, thin-layer decoration, self-cleaning and waterproof, moisture-proof, UV aging prevention, acid and alkali corrosion resistance. Applying Zhisheng zs-221 heat reflection and heat insulation coating to the surface of the coated object can make the temperature of the object rise lower under strong solar radiation, and the stronger the solar radiation, the greater the temperature difference of the object rise, thus reducing the harm of solar radiation to a great extent

industrial heat conduction coating can reduce heat loss. ZS-1 high temperature resistant thermal insulation coating has high scientific and technological content. Zhisheng Weihua high temperature energy-saving coating is a high-performance thermal barrier composite ceramic thermal insulation material. The military high-tech thermal insulation coating has been transformed into a multi-functional thermal insulation coating for civil use. It adopts the latest international technology to integrate the complete production equipment of thermal insulation coating. Zhisheng Weihua is exclusively produced and sold, The internal quality and the stability of various technical indicators of the thermal insulation coating are improved. With the special high-temperature solution of Zhisheng Weihua, the temperature resistance of the coating can reach 2000 ℃, the thermal conductivity and insulation coefficient is low, the thermal conductivity coefficient is only 0.03w/m.k, and the thermal insulation rate is as high as 90%. Zhisheng ZS-1 high-temperature thermal insulation coating has high hardness, which greatly improves the energy-saving rate of industrial equipment and reduces energy consumption. It is used on some equipment, It can improve the status of industrial production process and improve the quality of industrial equipment as a whole

further accelerate the energy-saving use of new materials according to the special situation of Xinjiang where heavy industry is developing rapidly and energy consumption is high. We will vigorously develop producer services and strategic emerging industries with low energy consumption and high added value, promote the gradual formation of an industrial structure dominated by the service economy in cities, and increase the proportion of the service industry in the national economy. Optimize the energy consumption structure and encourage the use of clean energy

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