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The exhibition of information security technology achievements in industrial control systems was held. On January 15, 2016, the Sixth Research Institute of China Electronic Information Industry Group Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the sixth Institute of Electronics) held an exhibition in China's electronic information security technology research and development base. This is the second meeting of the National Engineering Laboratory Council of information security technology in performance industry control systems, which is highly responsible to the country, the people and the country, and the exhibition of joint innovation achievements

the meeting was first addressed by song Liding, director of the sixth Institute of electronics and chairman of the board of the National Engineering Laboratory for information security technology of industrial control systems (hereinafter referred to as the National Engineering Laboratory). Director Song said in his speech that the construction of the National Engineering Laboratory has achieved phased results with the care of the leaders of national ministries and commissions and the support of industry, research institutions, experts and scholars since its establishment for more than a year. At present, there are 126 governing units and 135 members of the technical expert committee. The laboratory has built industrial control system safety testing laboratory, industrial control safety system laboratory, rail transit safety laboratory, industrial big data and safety laboratory, intelligent manufacturing laboratory, and five laboratories to carry out special research. Participated in the preparation of three standards of intelligent manufacturing of the Ministry of industry and information technology; Take the lead in the preparation of one and participate in seven information security standards. Applied for and passed the CNAs three in one inspection certification qualification certificate; At the same time, the National Engineering Laboratory has also applied to the Ministry of public security for a recommendation agency for the level protection testing of industrial control systems to promote the review of information security of industrial control systems in China. In terms of product research and development, the industrial control system information security simulation verification platform has been released; Completed the research and development of domestic safety testing machine; An integrated research and development platform and a typical Siemens series PLC evaluation and verification platform have been built. With the research and development of nationally produced and independently controllable PLC products with safety technology mechanism as the main direction, the design has been carried out jointly with relevant units according to the specific needs of the national defense field. The nx series PLC has completed the development of the prototype; The developed safety RTU product has won the third prize of scientific and technological achievements of the Institute of electronics, and has completed the research and development of industrial control SCADA system based on safety RTU; Launched the research and development of industrial control switch based on embedded operating system

in addition to increasing its own R & D investment, the National Engineering Laboratory also conducted research on how to carry out the construction of information security of industrial control systems in China's strategic basic industries such as power and electricity, nuclear industry, petrochemical industry, water conservancy engineering, financial equipment and national defense, and actively explored the establishment of joint laboratories with key enterprises in various industries. At present, the laboratories that have been or are being listed include the joint laboratories in the fields of electric power, petrochemical industry, nuclear power and information security protection; The national engineering laboratory will strengthen the coordination and integration of production, learning, research and use in advantageous resources, and promote technological innovation and industrial incubation through the development mode of testing projects such as the carbon content and expansion coefficient of raw materials, which integrates intelligence and joint innovation. Industrial control information security is a complex system engineering and a new business field. As the contractor of the National Engineering Laboratory, the sixth Institute of electronics has made some achievements in actively exploring and innovating the development mode, extensive joint efforts, and brainstorming

At the conference, Zhu Guobang, director of the 11th Bureau of the Ministry of public security, delivered a speech on behalf of the Ministry of public security. Bai Lifang, director of the planning department of China electronic information industry group, announced the list of new councils and technical experts. Liu Renhui, deputy director of the sixth Institute of electronics and director of the National Engineering Laboratory, made a summary report on the work of the National Engineering Laboratory, Feng Dajun, the chief engineer of the sixth Institute of electronics and the National Engineering Group, made a report on the work of the Council and the technical expert committee to Feng Dajun, the deputy director of different vacuum tube structure laboratories

after the meeting, the directors and technical experts attended the meeting together to visit the products and solutions of 32 Council member units in the field of industrial control information security, including core chip manufacturers, basic software manufacturers, equipment stand-alone manufacturers, and information security solution manufacturers

information security of industrial control system is a complex system engineering of cross industry, cross field and multi-disciplinary construction, which requires close integration and coordinated development of upstream and downstream enterprises in the industrial chain to jointly build a healthy ecosystem of industrial control information security. The National Engineering Laboratory of information security technology for industrial control systems, adhering to the spirit of openness, inclusiveness, cooperation and win-win results, works hand in hand with all governing units, gives full play to the guiding role of the expert committee in technological innovation, gathers the strength of national peers, and plays a role in maintaining the information security of China's industrial control systems. It is believed that the national engineering laboratory will live up to its historical mission and make new contributions to building the great wall of national information security

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