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New upgrading, integration and co innovation opportunities of industrial cooperation - the second "the Belt and Road" infrastructure and engineering equipment business summit was successfully held

new upgrading, integration and co innovation opportunities of industrial cooperation - the second "the Belt and Road" infrastructure and engineering equipment business summit was successfully held

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on May 19, The second "the Belt and Road" infrastructure and engineering equipment business summit (hereinafter referred to as "the summit"), CO hosted by the Changsha Municipal People's government and the China Chamber of Commerce for the import and export of mechanical and electrical products (hereinafter referred to as "the chamber of Commerce for mechanical and electrical products"), was successfully held in Changsha, Hunan Province. Xie Jianhui, member of the Standing Committee of the CPC Hunan Provincial Committee and executive vice governor of Hunan Province, Qiu Jixing, vice mayor of Changsha municipal government, Zheng Chao, vice president of the chamber of Commerce for machinery and electronics and chairman of the expert committee, Luis Quesada, Ambassador of Peru to China, Rodrigo Delgado, Ambassador of Costa Rica to China, attended the event and delivered a speech. The summit was presided over by guoquilong, Secretary General of the chamber of Commerce for machinery and electronics

as one of the important foreign affairs supporting activities of the 2021 Changsha International Construction Machinery Exhibition, this summit will share the current situation of international investment and construction, the needs of international infrastructure and engineering equipment of the "the Belt and Road", and the successful cases of international industry leading enterprises with four theme units of "policy and direction, environment and demand, exploration and enterprising, cooperation and win-win". Seven diplomatic envoys from Peru, Costa Rica, Nepal and Bangladesh and more than 30 senior diplomats from embassies and consulates in China attended the meeting and introduced the planning and policies of domestic infrastructure investment projects; At the same time, vice president Zheng Chao was invited to discuss "mutually beneficial foreign investment cooperation and the construction of the 'the Belt and Road'" Wang Wenjiu, chief economist of China export and Credit Insurance Corporation "At present, the the Belt and Road infrastructure and engineering equipment market risk analysis gave a keynote speech. Executives of central enterprises and leading enterprises in the field of construction machinery, such as China Railway International, China Merchants port group, China Civil Engineering, China Energy Gezhouba, shared their cases and experiences in developing the the Belt and Road market. The scale of the summit reached more than 300 people. Before the opening of the exhibition, vice president Zheng Chao was invited to attend the meeting of Secretary Xu Dazhe of Hunan Province and the opening of the exhibition Style and tour

the on-site exchanges between government and enterprises at the summit were enthusiastic, with views colliding and wonderful, mainly showing the following highlights:

gathering global head forces, "hard core" ideological exchange collision. Lafarge, John Deere, Volvo Construction equipment, Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion, baoe, Shantui, Liugong and other top 500 enterprises in the world and top 50 enterprises in the global construction machinery industry were specially invited to the summit. Guo Wei, deputy secretary of the Party committee and general manager of China Railway International Group, Li Yubin, deputy general manager, Secretary of the board of directors and chief digital officer of China Merchants Port Group Co., Ltd., Yan Xuebin, deputy general manager of China Civil Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Li Wuqun, deputy director of the International Business Department of China Energy Gezhouba Group Co., Ltd., Chen Lin, President of China sales region of Volvo Construction equipment (China) Co., Ltd Liu Fang, marketing director of John Deere (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and Liu Chunchao, deputy general manager of Shantui Construction Machinery Co., Ltd., shared their experience in serving specific infrastructure projects in countries along the "the Belt and Road" in combination with their own enterprises, and discussed the development trend of industry innovation

jointly build the "the Belt and Road" initiative to release more cooperation opportunities. So far, 171 countries and international organizations have signed 205 cooperation documents on jointly building the "the Belt and Road". The pragmatic promotion of the initiative of jointly building the "belt and road initiative for external protection of testing machines is very important" will certainly play a key role in boosting confidence in world economic development and enhancing the vitality of the world economy. In the face of different political systems, different cultural traditions, accurate overprinting, and different interest demands of countries along the "the Belt and Road", the summit specially invited envoys and diplomats from nearly 30 countries, including Namibia, Peru, Myanmar, Costa Rica, South Africa, Vanuatu, Gambia, to participate in the meeting. On site sharing of engineering equipment focuses on the business environment, preferential policies and project needs of key countries along the "the Belt and Road", so as to stimulate new vitality and create new opportunities for the "the Belt and Road" to achieve global win-win cooperation

help Hunan implement the "three high and four new" strategy and seize the major opportunity of the rise of the central region. Construction machinery industry is one of the most competitive manufacturing industries in Hunan Province. This summit focuses on the engineering equipment industry, helps Changsha to promote the "capital of engineering machinery" into a shining city card to the world, seizes the major opportunity of the rise of the central region, takes the engineering equipment industry as the starting point of advanced manufacturing, builds an internationally important advanced manufacturing highland, helps Hunan become a scientific and technological innovation highland with core competitiveness, and shows new achievements in the construction of new development, We should play a new role in promoting the development of the central region and the Yangtze River economic belt

Establish a batch of quality benchmarks and brands

the Electromechanical chamber of Commerce, the host of this summit, has more than 13000 members in the field of electromechanical import and export. The research progress of feldspathic graphene composites in supercapacitors is committed to promoting the international operation and cooperation of Chinese Electromechanical enterprises. The successful holding of this summit is precisely based on the construction of the international industrial cooperation mechanism of the chamber of Commerce for machinery and electronics, combined with the development positioning of the expert committee of the chamber of Commerce for machinery and Electronics "industry high-end think tank, enterprise service home, industrial cooperation platform", to effectively integrate high-quality resources from all parties, better serve member enterprises, and actively promote the specific practice of wider international industrial cooperation

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