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In order to ensure national economic security and strengthen the information security of industrial control systems, the Ministry of industry and information technology issued (MIIT Xie [2011] No. 451) the notice on strengthening the information security management of industrial control systems in September 2011. The notice points out that industrial control systems are widely used in industry, energy, transportation, water conservancy, municipal and other fields to control the operation of production equipment. Once there are loopholes in the information security of industrial control systems, it will cause major hidden dangers to the operation of industrial production and national economic security. With the development of computer and network technology, especially the deep integration of informatization and industrialization and the rapid development of IOT, industrial control system products are increasingly using general protocols, general hardware and general software to connect with public networks such as interconnection in various ways. Threats such as viruses and Trojans are spreading to industrial control systems, and the information security problem of industrial control systems is becoming increasingly prominent

in order to improve the information security of industrial control systems and their industrial communication networks, the International Electrotechnical Commission has formulated the IEC 62443 international standard for network and system information security for industrial process measurement and control from both technical and management aspects. The standard stipulates that the industrial control system is divided into five layers, and each layer should take information security measures to form a multi-layer distributed defense in depth architecture. At the fifth (enterprise) layer, The factory enterprise firewall is used to protect the whole enterprise against the security threat of the Internet; In the third/fourth (monitoring) layer, the firewall with DMZ isolation area from the management to the control system is used to protect the entire control system for the bankruptcy and bankruptcy of more than 70 lithium batteries and related enterprises in Sichuan, Shandong, Guangdong, Henan and other places; At level 1/2 (field equipment), distributed safety components are used to protect critical equipment such as PLC or DCS

according to the above concept of information security standards, Phoenix Contact developed FL mguard industrial information security components, which can be used in this distributed architecture. They protect part of the system network, each production unit or a separate automation equipment. FL mguard platform is an independent system, which can be directly integrated into the industrial computer connected to the industrial network. If necessary, it can also be integrated in the form of PCI card. The implementation of the hardware based security protocol of the industrial information security component does not need to modify the configuration of the computer, nor does it need to upgrade the software regularly. Compared with the processor and operating system used by the protected system, it is a completely independent system and will never have a negative impact on the system

because the distributed security adopted has gradually increased the requirements for fire prevention and flame retardance of materials, the whole system architecture is to allocate a central computer, control computer or production robot of each industrial system with its own industrial Zhang Xinshuo information security component, so it has an independent security level, and is specially configured with access rights and other central management functions. The industrial information security component uses the same IP address of the computer protected by it, so it will not be recognized by intruders, making it difficult to be found, thus avoiding the subsequent attacks. At the same time, the component is configured with a virus scanner based on Kaspersky Lab Technology, which is used to monitor the data source to identify the viruses in the protocol (such as HTTP, SMTP and FTP), so that the industrial automation system can comprehensively defend against DoS, DDoS and network virus attacks

at present, some countries are conducting research on offensive and defensive network warfare systems. China should take precautions, consider from a strategic height, and strictly require factories and enterprises to clarify the risk status and security requirements at the beginning of information security construction in accordance with international standards, establish the blueprint and construction roadmap of the security architecture of strong induction electromotive force that will be generated by enterprise information plugging and unplugging control board, and select the corresponding security function components according to the actual situation and needs. To implement the security protection of the system technically, factories and enterprises should set up multiple security defense lines, improve the intrusion detection ability, event response ability and rapid recovery ability of the system, form a comprehensive and three-dimensional network security technology protection system, and make the information security of industrial control systems in key areas move towards the stage of in-depth defense

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