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The application of health product packaging quality detection technology

packaging has a self-evident significance for the quality and efficiency of health product contents. How can packaging materials enterprises detect and control product quality through effective ways? The following is an introduction to the testing technology of health product packaging materials

1. Barrier test control

among many test items, barrier test is the most critical. It is of great significance to the shelf life of health products and the quality and efficiency of their contents. Barrier test mainly includes permeability and moisture permeability test. The fireproof performance of the material is required to be strictly tested once by once. The permeability of the material can be tested by using Labthink bty-b1 permeability tester, which implements the GB standard. The principle of the differential pressure method: that is, under a certain temperature and humidity, keep a certain gas pressure difference on both sides of the sample, and calculate the permeability of the material by measuring the change of the gas pressure on the low-pressure side. Tsy-t1 moisture permeability tester can be selected for moisture permeability testing, which implements GB standard. The principle of weighing method: that is, under a certain humidity, one side of the sample maintains a constant saturated steam pressure, and the other side remains dry. Saturated steam enters the drying side through the sample. The moisture permeability of the material is calculated by measuring the evaporation weight loss of distilled water in the moisture permeability cup with time, including the decreasing change of thermal insulation materials

2. Peel strength test

peel strength is one of the main parameters to measure the quality of composite products. Taking the aluminum-plastic composite packaging commonly used in the packaging of tablet health products as an example, in order to meet the relevant quality requirements and save costs, it is essential to detect and analyze the quality of the composite layer. The peel strength test can be completed on the PC type intelligent electronic tensile testing machine. Its peel strength test function strictly complies with the gb8808 standard of law enforcement pressure, and its unique function of cutting off the beginning and ending. The force value of the middle section is calculated by the integral method, and the result is accurate; The force value and curve can be displayed in real time to provide reference for adjusting production process and composite parameters

3. Detection of friction coefficient

by testing the friction coefficient of packaging materials, we can control and adjust the opening of flexible packaging bags, the packaging speed of packaging machines and other production quality process indicators. At present, domestic equipment has been in line with international standards, and has a unique setting of vibration coefficient to adapt to films of different materials. Intelligent data processing can effectively judge the confidence of the results of this group of samples. Large screen LCD real-time display curve can visually judge the uniformity of material surface friction coefficient

4. Detection of sealing heat sealing strength

heat sealing strength is an important performance index for packaging materials. The seal must have a certain strength to bear the pressure of a certain weight of the contents, so as to ensure that the goods will not crack in the process of circulation. Three factors of heat sealing: heat sealing temperature, pressure and time. Different heat sealing factors are required according to different materials. PC tensile machine can be used for this test, and the equipment automatically reads data, automatically judges the value of power, and its performance meets the qb/t2 "358 standard

5. Detection of sealing performance

the testing of sealing performance mainly uses the vacuum principle. Place the package in the vacuum of -80kpa for 30 seconds. During the test, pay attention to observe the leakage of the sample during vacuum pumping and vacuum holding, and observe whether there are continuous bubbles, so as to measure the sealing performance of the package, and then determine the rationality of the sealing process

to sum up, scientific control and detection methods will provide effective help to ensure the reliability of all links of health product packaging. It is hoped that the introduction of the above detection methods will provide some help to the health product packaging material enterprises to adjust the production process and improve the product quality in the actual production

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