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Beifu's PC based control technology is applied to sheet metal processing

[September 25, 2008, Germany] the sheet metal processing industry is booming. With the continuous increase of product types, different batch sizes and enhanced cost awareness, great flexibility is required in the face of global competition. Beckhoff's PC based control technology has the characteristics of high performance and high precision. With its flexible and scalable solutions, it has a strong competitive advantage in dealing with this demand

at the 20th International sheet metal processing technology exhibition (europlech2008) held in Hannover, Germany, Beckhoff will show people their PC based solutions for metal forming and sheet metal processing at booth G13 in hall 11 on October

there are all kinds of shapes and sizes of metal sheet parts, which require various processing processes, including rolling, cutting, stamping, flanging, stretching, welding, chip removal and finishing. Production is based on processing machinery, presses, punches, machining centers or fully automatic production lines, including sheet metal processing equipment, loading and unloading equipment, storage equipment, and automatic feeding systems, which are integrated into the company network

the production system must have the characteristics of high productivity, high accuracy and good repeatability. Of course, it must be economical and durable. This requires the best match with the application in the shortest storage and installation time. In addition, advanced control technology is needed to control the large force and high speed required by stamping. The manufacturing of production machinery requires scalability and flexibility to meet customer requirements cost effectively

with the help of scalable modular Beckhoff products, we can create customized solutions for customers on the premise of considering computing power, complexity and cost budget. Compared with traditional control systems, they can greatly improve the production efficiency and flexibility of sheet metal processing machinery. Beckhoff's PC based control technology integrates all processes such as control, adjustment, B. tightening at the oil leakage or replacing the upper shelf gasket motion control and HMI into one PC. It is widely used in various stamping, cutting, bending and welding system applications around the world, and has a strong competitive advantage. PC technology has high processor capacity and does not need to use special hardware. For example, the position and pressure controller of hydraulic valve can be replaced by software. PC can easily handle the most complex control operations and provide additional processing capabilities for other functions (such as measurement tasks). Therefore, complex and expensive special controllers and hard PLCs with limited programming flexibility are no longer needed

realize high performance through EtherCAT

the metal plate processing process must be fast. The average price of viscose staple fiber in the fourth quarter of 2011 alone fell by nearly 38% compared with the first quarter Table 1 also shows the characteristics of high accuracy and good repeatability. These ideal conditions for EtherCAT traditional fieldbus system can be easily integrated into ethercati/o system through switch. EtherCAT is fully compatible with Ethernet, can maximize the use of Ethernet bandwidth, and has excellent real-time characteristics. The application of EtherCAT to the plate processing system has the following advantages: the actuator with accurate timing can make the switching accuracy concrete strength inspection and evaluation standard GBJ 107 (8) 7100ns, which can realize the axial movement with the best repeatability, so the punching, punching or laser processing speed will be faster

other advantages include: motion control through multiple axes, synchronization through distributed clocks, and reproduction accuracy accurate to nanoseconds. For example, multiple synchronization axes are used when bending metal plates. The distributed clock precisely synchronizes EtherCAT devices, such as shafts, mold cushion controllers, or synchronization controllers for hydraulic cylinders

twincat – integrate all functions into one software

precise sheet metal processing through bending, punching, stamping, cutting or welding requires synchronization with multiple axes with high repetition accuracy. Twincatnc and twincatcnc replace the whole set of motion control hardware and can be used for all servo axes, including feeding, collision or transmission parts. Machine manufacturers can customize the metal sheet processing process according to their professional control experience related to the system. Even complex bending algorithms can be easily programmed in TwinCAT. With TwinCAT, the flexibility required for future upgrading and transformation and metal sheet cutting or stamping is no longer a problem

the comprehensive TwinCAT function library includes functions such as temperature, cam and hydraulic controller, flying saw and cam disc, and the programming is simple. From the PLC driver that can be programmed through the motion control function library, the cam disc programmed with twincatnc according to vdi2143 guide, to the temperature compensation programmed according to PLCopen through twincatplc temperature controller

for the sheet metal processing system, the real-time Ethernet Fieldbus EtherCAT has the advantage of fast punching, stamping or laser processing speed

about Beckhoff

Beckhoff Automation Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Weill, Germany. With branches all over the world and global partners, the company has been operating in more than 60 countries

Bifu always takes the new automation technology based on PC as the development concept of the company. The industrial computers, fieldbus modules, drive products and TwinCAT control software produced by Bifu constitute a complete and mutually compatible control system, which can provide open automation systems and complete solutions for various industrial control fields. In the past 20 years, Beifu's components and system solutions have been widely used all over the world, and its "new automation technology" has established a standard for all fields of industrial automation

since Beifu established its Beijing Representative Office in March 2001, the company's business in China has developed rapidly, and has successively established its Shanghai Representative Office and Guangzhou Representative Office. As a variety of new products and technologies with good cost performance continue to enter the Chinese market, its theory of daring to break the traditional control mode and vigorously promoting PC control new technology, focusing on helping automobile manufacturers develop and test the latest technology and materials, has been accepted by more and more Chinese users. For more information, please visit Beckhoff Chinese official website

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