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Industrial Ethernet and whole process integrated addressing based on IP

with the increasing maturity of network and information technology in the world, Ethernet and tcp/ip protocols are increasingly used as the most important communication interfaces and means in industrial communication and automation applications. The development towards networking, standardization and openness will be the main trend of the development of various control system technologies. As the most widely used and fastest-growing local technology, Ethernet has achieved extraordinary development in the field of industrial automation and process control. At the same time, the whole process integrated addressing based on IP, which provides a standard, shared and high-speed information channel solution for industrial production, will also have a far-reaching impact on the control system. Overview of industrial Ethernet building an enterprise information network system based on Fieldbus has always been a bright prospect in the field of control. From the perspective of the network structure of an enterprise, it can generally be divided into four layers: enterprise management, production management, process monitoring and field control. Traditional control systems mostly use Ethernet in the management layer, while different fieldbus or other special networks are generally used in the process monitoring layer and the field layer. At present, Ethernet technology is penetrating into the bottom of the network structure at an amazing speed, and the integration of IP technology into control is a noteworthy trend: almost all famous PLC and remote i/o suppliers in the world can provide Ethernet interface products that support tcp/ip protocol, which is a revolutionary change, The reasons can be summarized as follows: § open standards and strong compatibility bring great development potential. Recently, the development of industrial Ethernet has replaced the trend of fieldbus, or the development of fieldbus is bound to be close to industrial Ethernet. Industrial Ethernet has the potential to be widely used because of its open protocol. The openness of Ethernet technology standards ensures that the maximum technical support can still be obtained in the future, and the communication performance of the network can be continuously improved with the progress of technology, which is unmatched by the proprietary protocol network architecture of other manufacturers. § strong impetus from international standards organizations, industrial equipment manufacturers, etc. international standards organizations and industry associations have also seen the great potential of industrial Ethernet, and are also vigorously promoting the adoption of Ethernet and tcp/ip protocols in industry. Some interoperable protocols are also in the development of hydraulic universal testing machines due to their high power to weight ratio. World famous industrial equipment manufacturers began to launch their own Ethernet based products, including programmable controllers, distributed control systems and various intelligent i/o. This will promote the integration of different manufacturers, different types and different types of equipment in the same application system, and eliminate the generation of information islands to the greatest extent. § from the development potential of Ethernet standard itself, the birth of Ethernet solves the communication bottleneck for various applications, and new applications such as image and high-speed data also promote the development of Ethernet, which has become the most popular network technology at present. All operating systems and applications are compatible with Ethernet, and upper layer protocol stacks such as tcp/ip, IPX, NetBEUI and DECnet are also compatible with Ethernet. 1998 was a milestone in the development of Ethernet equipment, and the products using this technology reached 86%. Ethernet is developing rapidly from 10Mbps, 100Mbps to 10Gbps. British researchers have developed an exhibition of carbon nanotube functional materials. The use of Ethernet in industrial applications can fully ensure the real-time transmission of real-time data and the demand for bandwidth for communication, so that today's applications maintain maximum flexibility, and fully protect the investment and long-term interests of users. Establish an information network architecture with IP as the core in the production enterprise, realize the seamless connection between all layers of information, make the information of the whole network transparent, and the structure of the network will also become simpler and safer. § the widespread application of Ethernet brings great convenience to users. Ethernet has been everywhere in the office system. There are many application services, and it is also very familiar. When used in industrial environment, it can reduce the user's training time for the system and facilitate debugging and installation. Because many enterprises adopt the same network and protocol as the information layer in the automation layer, the automation information can be easily integrated into the factory MIS, ERP, SCM, CRM systems, reducing the time and cost of information integration. Simplifies the complex information level of the enterprise. At the same time, we can master real-time production information in any corner of the world through the advantages of the Internet. 2. Characteristics of industrial Ethernet Industrial Ethernet is a new analysis of networking products. Although it is too consistent with a series of standards for ordinary commercial use, there are still great differences between the working environment of industrial Ethernet equipment and the office environment in which polycarbonate polyurethane (PCU) gradually shows its potential. There are still great differences between the two at all levels. Someone compared the differences between industrial Ethernet equipment and ordinary commercial Ethernet equipment. From the table, we can see that industrial Ethernet equipment requires a wide working temperature range, firm packaging (anti vibration and anti impact), guide rail installation, power redundancy, 24V DC reliable power supply, higher stability and network redundancy, which are unmatched by ordinary commercial Ethernet systems. All of this is based on the fact that industrial automation increasingly requires industrial Ethernet solutions to meet the special needs of robustness and reliability. Shiwei Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd. () is a high-tech company under Datang Telecom Group that specializes in the R & D and production of industrial data products. For many years, it has been in the leading position in the field of domestic industrial data communication. Its redundant Ethernet system adopts anti-interference optical fiber and integrated redundancy mechanism to enhance the reliability of data network, which can effectively ensure the normal production process. In the past, because there was no other alternative, the redundant network was realized by double bus. Now, Taihe switching technology makes it possible to establish redundant rings. Just add a link between the two ends of the bus to achieve high efficiency and cost-effective redundancy. The industrial Ethernet switches of ten dimension telecom company can form a ring topology and be used in key occasions to ensure the required fault-tolerant function. The industrial Ethernet switch system of Shiwei telecom company can be used to construct the shared network with lattice structure to ensure that the network still operates normally even if multiple faults occur at the same time. One feature of the system is that it can switch to redundant mode within 20ms in case of failure

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