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With the development of modern science and technology, similar products are becoming more and more homogeneous in the commodity market, which makes the outer packaging design of commodities become an important factor to determine whether commodities can win customers and markets. The outer packaging design of commodities includes two important components: structural design and packaging and decoration design. Good outer packaging design of goods is the perfect combination of structural modeling and decoration design, and the final realization of packaging and decoration mainly depends on advanced packaging and printing technology. Design is a prerequisite, and printing is the ultimate means to realize design and ensure product quality. Design must consider printing factors, meet the requirements of printing conditions and cooperate perfectly with printing

with the rapid development of packaging and printing industry, many new technologies have appeared in various technical links of packaging and printing, which has greatly promoted the technological progress of the whole packaging industry. Such as computer aided design (CAD), computer aided manufacturing (CAM), trademark code making, film free engraving system, computer direct plate making technology (CTP), flexographic printing technology, laser die cutting, efficient multi-function automatic box pasting machine compared with foreign mines, etc. In particular, the application of computer technology and the continuous progress of printing technology have brought fundamental changes to the packaging and printing industry

2 Analysis of the current situation of China's packaging and printing industry

with the rapid development of China's commodity economy, China's packaging industry has made considerable progress. In 1980, the total output value of China's packaging industry was only 7.2 billion yuan, and by 1998, it had reached 180billion yuan. The packaging industry rose from the 36th place to the 14th place in 1998 among the 40 major industries in China's national economy. The packaging industry undertakes the packaging task of 3 trillion yuan of domestic goods and more than 120 billion US dollars of export goods every year, and plays an important supporting role in the national economy. It can be said that the current packaging industry has become a large industry with paper, plastic, metal, glass, decoration and printing and all kinds of packaging machinery as the main body, with certain modern technical equipment and relatively complete categories, which has basically changed the backward situation of "first-class products, second-class packaging and third-class prices" in China

as the main aspect of China's packaging industry, the packaging and printing industry has made great progress in terms of the number of employees, gross domestic product and technical level in recent years, especially during the Eighth Five Year Plan period, the packaging and printing industry developed rapidly, and the output value soared. However, the technical content accounts for a low proportion in the whole industry, and there is a large gap between the packaging and printing products and the international advanced level in terms of printing quality, design, production and overall level. At present, China's plate making and printing, post press processing, equipment, etc. are still at the international level in the middle and late 1980s, especially the application of computer technology in the field of packaging and printing is relatively backward. For example, paper packaging containers are light, pollution-free, recyclable, conducive to environmental protection and resource reuse, and are a very promising packaging method, so paper products packaging plays an important role in all kinds of packaging. With the rapid development of social economy, the requirements of packaging carton decoration and structure are also higher and higher. Traditional manual design can no longer meet the requirements, and many domestic packaging enterprises still use traditional manual design, plate making and processing technology. For example, some enterprises basically use the analogy method when designing the structure of cartons and sheets. There is neither standard nor design basis, which often leads to unreasonable structure, making it easy to produce waste products when automatically pasting cartons. When drawing the structure drawing of cartons and sheets, printing outline drawing, die cutting plate layout drawing, backing processing outline drawing and carton decoration design, they often use manual repeated drawing, which has long cycle, poor effect and high cost, The product quality is difficult to meet the requirements of high-end printing. Therefore, in order to further develop the packaging and printing industry, we must give priority to technology and implement technological transformation of China's packaging and printing industry

there are two main reasons for the slow application of new technologies in the packaging and printing industry: on the one hand, it is caused by the historical reason that the transaction price of heavy waste including tax in Fujian market is 1490 ⑴ 650 yuan/ton. China's packaging industry, including the packaging and printing industry, is a supporting industry, which started late, has a weak foundation, and the overall level is not high. On the other hand, mainly due to the particularity and complexity of packaging and printing. Packaging and printing not only requires exquisite printing for external decoration, but also highlights the characteristics of products. At the same time, we should obey the packaging structure design. Due to the different shapes of products, the packaging structure is often very complex. The design of packaging structure should not only highlight the characteristics of products, but also protect products, but also meet the needs of transportation, storage and other aspects. Therefore, many packages are heterogeneous, making the packaging and printing technology more difficult. In addition, due to different packaging materials, there are also various substrates for packaging and printing, which requires different printing methods. Sometimes a product requires multiple printing methods to complete. It can be seen that packaging printing is very different from general publishing printing, and packaging prepress is also different from publishing prepress. Its technical development should be independent of prepress. Therefore, combined with the current level of economic and Technological Development in China, we cannot blindly introduce ready-made technology and purchase equipment to achieve technological progress in the industry

3 application of computer technology in China's packaging and printing industry the two ends of the compact sample should be processed as smooth as possible

3.1 overview

the development and application of computer technology in China's packaging industry started late, and there is a large gap with developed countries, but it is also developing continuously, and some gratifying results have been achieved. The rapid development of socialist commodity economy poses an all-round challenge to the packaging quality and the economic benefits of packaging enterprises. The popularization and application of computer technology in the packaging industry has become an important measure related to the sustainable development of the industry

in recent years, the application of color desktop system and high-end connection system of electric extension has effectively improved the production quality of packaging layout in China. However, because this conventional color prepress system is not a professional packaging system, it cannot provide an overall solution to packaging problems. For this reason, China's packaging research departments and colleges and universities have successively developed some CAD software with better functions and practicability in packaging structure, packaging modeling and packaging machinery, such as the found pack packaging prepress system developed by Founder Company of Peking University, the "carton people pay more and more attention to product after-sales service/Carton CAD system" developed by Tianjin Light Industry Research Institute, and the "laser cutting template system" developed by Shanghai Laser Research Institute, It fills a gap in packaging CAD/CAM technology in China. These software are playing an active role in improving the level of packaging technology and promoting the development of packaging industry in China

3.2 development and application of packaging prepress system

packaging prepress system is a new field developed under the promotion of computer technology. Its emergence is inseparable from people's pursuit of high-end packaging. Because traditional processes and methods can no longer meet the needs of various types of product packaging, especially in box design, CNC die cutting, large panel assembly and other aspects, the process is complex, resulting in low efficiency and high production costs in the domestic packaging industry. The development of packaging printing requires packaging prepress system, but due to some special needs of packaging, such as bronzing, embossing and other processes, the thickness of paper, the requirements of panel and die-cutting plate making, and a large number of technical standards and specifications of box products, the general prepress system is far from meeting the needs, so it is necessary to develop a prepress system for packaging printing with special requirements

as a famous high-tech enterprise in China, Beijing Founder, which is in the forefront of the development of printing and publishing technology in the world, has launched a world-class packaging prepress system. This is the first professional packaging design system based on Chinese platform developed by China. The system integrates carton structure design, decoration design and color printing, and has relatively perfect functions. For example, according to the structural characteristics of packaging cartons, the system provides flexible and convenient box shape drawing design tools, as well as the box shape database with the most complete collection of box shapes in China at present, which can complete the structural design and drawing of packaging cartons conveniently, with high quality and high precision; The software has good openness, can output general data format, can be combined with a variety of graphics and images on different application platforms, and can flexibly and conveniently process high-quality text, graphics and image information in packaging layout; It can interactively make up the whole page on the computer screen without tedious continuous drying operation; In the production stage, the software can output the die cutting data of the packaging carton. If the die cutting data is output in the form of processing code, it can directly control the mold opening of the laser processing equipment. The system organically connects the pre press graphic design and production with the post press processing links through computers, comprehensively improving the production efficiency of packaging production and the accuracy of manual control of packaging production efficiency and quality. In short, founder packaging system has been able to accurately control all links of packaging design, production and processing by means of full digital Lun, which has made a gratifying step towards the integration of packaging CAD technology in China

with the deepening application of computer technology in the field of packaging, the requirements for packaging design system are higher and higher, and the functional limitations of the existing domestic packaging design system are increasingly exposed. First of all, there are few kinds of software and the scope of application is not wide. Because there are many kinds of modern packaging, with different characteristics and requirements, at present, all kinds of packaging software in China can only be applied to a certain type of packaging design, and for this kind of packaging, the software system is still very imperfect. For example, Peking University Founder found pack software is only for the design system of general cartons, and its packaging design of paper products still needs to be further improved, For example, the process design should be considered in the early design of packaging and printing, and the post press treatment should also be considered in the process design. Secondly, the function of software automatic control technology should be further strengthened, especially the functions of folding control such as automatic paging, cross page processing, crawling control and continuous copy control should be further improved

3.3 challenges and problems

with the continuous advent of computer application systems developed internationally for the packaging industry and integrating multiple functions, advanced technologies such as computer artificial intelligence and computer networks have emerged in the packaging industry, marking that the application level of computer technology in this field is getting higher and wider. As China's packaging and printing industry is in the stage of development, we should strengthen the research and application of this new technology, but we must not blindly carry out it. Combined with the actual situation of China's packaging and printing industry at this stage, we should solve the following problems:

improve the color management technology as soon as possible

in color printing, the restoration requirements of color are very high. In the prepress process without color management, the input and output of color will be very different, mainly because the value will change greatly when the computer processes color, resulting in color distortion. If you use technology to control the color processing at the beginning of computer scanning, processing and outputting colors, so that the processed colors are as close as possible to the original colors, this is not a color management technology. In the process of color prepress, color tube

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