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Zhou Xi, founder of Yuncong Technology: AI surpassed human beings in deep reading for the first time.

recently, China's AI "national team" Yuncong technology and Shanghai Jiaotong University jointly announced that it had made a major breakthrough in natural language processing, topped the race dataset, a large-scale deep reading comprehension task dataset, and became the world's first model to exceed human rankings. This is the first time that AI has surpassed human beings in deep reading comprehension after chess, go, games and other fields. Some experts believe that this will be the beginning of machines' deep understanding of human language. Recently, Zhou Xi, founder of Yuncong technology, located in the digital economy industrial park of Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, received an exclusive interview with the people to interpret the trend of artificial intelligence

In 2015, Zhou Xi led the research team of Chongqing Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences to establish Yuncong technology. Only two years later, Yuncong technology was determined by the national development and Reform Commission to build a "public service platform for basic resources of artificial intelligence" project, and was invited to participate in the formulation of a number of national and industrial standards of artificial intelligence, It has officially become the "national team" of artificial intelligence with motor 1 integrated design

why can cloud technology undertake such a major mission in such a short time? Zhou Xi said, "from the beginning of the establishment of cloud, the team has accumulated more than a decade in the field of image recognition using high-quality plastic instead of metal. After the establishment of the company, it quickly established a comprehensive system from core technology to products, continuous loading and then to industry solutions, which has become an advantage to undertake heavy tasks."

it took two years for cloud technology to become the "national team" of artificial intelligence

how to play a leading role? Zhou Xi said, "since the establishment of cloud technology, we have taken the most important strategic direction of the country as the starting point of our work. After becoming the 'national team', the mission is more important. We should not only consider the directions of important strategic significance such as finance and security, but also use core technology to go deep into the industry, solve practical problems for enterprises, and truly help the national industrial upgrading."

theoretical innovation first mentions the "five step theory" of AI development.

in recent years, domestic AI technology and industry have developed rapidly? Is AI a tuyere or a trend? What is the development path

based on years of intensive research in the field of artificial intelligence, in 2018, Zhou Xi creatively put forward the "five step theory" for the development of artificial intelligence for the first time. He summarized the development of artificial intelligence into five stages (L1-L5), which are academic research, industry verification, business settlement, industry platform and intelligent ecology

he believes that L1 is academic research, which is the theoretical basis for the development of artificial intelligence. "Artificial intelligence enterprises must master their core technology and strive to achieve domestic and international leadership in technology. The standard to measure this level is to see whether the enterprise has top-level theoretical research and whether its theory appears in International authoritative magazines or competitions."

in Zhou Xi's view, after having the theoretical basis and passing the industry verification in phase L2, the commercial landing in phase L3 should be reached: "at this time, enterprises should develop a set of universal products that can be mass produced. For many enterprises, this step is extremely difficult, which requires not only effective technology, but also product cost, original system integration and other issues."

Zhou Xi said: "When the artificial intelligence products of enterprises are mature, they need to go through the L4 stage - to build an information integration platform to collect and judge all kinds of information, so as to maximize the role of various devices of artificial intelligence. Finally, artificial intelligence enterprises will reach the L5 - intelligent ecological stage, the artificial intelligence industry of enterprises will play a core role, and the software, hardware and intelligent devices will be upgraded, so as to drive the overall upgrading of society. We still need 5 to 10 years to reach this stage. "

steadily help the development of intelligence in Chongqing

it is reported that the cloud technology R & D team has won the world champion of intelligent recognition such as Pascal VOC, Imagenet, Fera for seven times, and its core technology has been extended from face recognition to artificial intelligence

Zhou Xi frankly said that cloud has initially reached the L4 stage, and is actively maintaining the development of the first three stages. "In my opinion, the development process of the artificial intelligence industry is like a wave. Only when a steady stream of theories appear can the wave beat more forcefully and make the waves more eye-catching. In the future, the cloud will begin to layout the intelligent ecosystem in two to three years, hoping to form a complete platform ecosystem in five to eight years."

among colleagues who continue to lead the development of the industry, Yuncong technology is also facing challenges. The biggest challenge is the contradiction between "want to become the goal of L5 intelligent ecological enterprise" and "time waits for development opportunities". He said: "at present, the society has high expectations for the AI industry and high aspirations for the implementation of AI products. However, AI enterprises are different from general Internet enterprises. The application of core technologies requires time precipitation, which requires us to be determined and willing to invest. Only by deep cultivation can we see the harvest."

"therefore, on the one hand, we will start from the most basic place and make a long-term layout." Zhou Xi added, "on the other hand, we will also pay attention to people's expectations, strive to race against time and strive to show results as soon as possible."

as an enterprise founded and growing up in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, the artificial intelligence achievements of cloud technology will also be actively applied to the construction of Chongqing's "smart city". Zhou Xi said that Yuncong technology will spare no effort to promote the development of Chongqing

he said: "We have always regarded Chongqing as our headquarters. In the future, we will continue to work along the direction of the five-step theory of artificial intelligence, study more core technologies and solutions, apply these results to all aspects of Chongqing, and introduce more excellent ecosystems into Chongqing. Let our accumulation in the artificial intelligence industry become the cornerstone of Chongqing's intelligent development, and let our research results truly benefit people's lives. ”

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