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[commodity futures] Shanghai natural rubber is near strong and far weak

the natural rubber futures market on the Tokyo industrial products exchange fell on Thursday. Pressured by the decline in oil prices, the benchmark contract ended down 4.8 yen to close at 218 yen per kilogram

today, the Shanghai Tianjiao market showed a pattern of near strength and far weakness in a short time, and the transaction was still active. The closing prices of major contracts rose and fell with each other, ranging from 40 yuan (RMB, the cooling method is water-cooled, and the same is measured with a dial gauge based on two force pillars) to 270 yuan. Among them, the main force 06 read back to the user 11, and the contract closed at 18140 yuan/ton, up 35 yuan. Throughout the day, 153000 transactions were made, with 49600 positions, an increase of 1438

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