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On February 24, Zhejiang Plastic City (if you choose an adjustable space model, you can use the clamp to lift the upper beam if you need more space)

as of the early morning of Beijing time on the New York commodity futures exchange, April West Texas light crude oil (WTI) futures were reported at $51.17/barrel, down $0.25. London IPE (International Petroleum Exchange), Brent crude oil futures for April were reported at $48.51/barrel, down $0.11. At the same time, the domestic plastic spot market and the ex factory prices of major petrochemical enterprises remained basically stable

today, the total order volume of six warehouse receipts on the market exceeded the 5000 ton mark for the first time, reaching 5125 tons, an increase of 5% over the previous trading day; The trading volume was 2680 tons, a decrease of 7% over the previous trading day, of which 875 tons were traded by ABS; At the end of the day, warehouse receipts ab0503, ab0504, ll0503, ll0504, ll0505 and ll0506 rose or fell by 107, 130, -32, -15, 18 and 13 yuan/ton respectively. The trend of each warehouse receipt is different. Among them, ABS warehouse receipt and LLDPE warehouse receipt are oscillatory upward, while LLDPE warehouse receipt and LLDPE warehouse receipt are oscillatory upward and weak. The overall performance is that the price oscillates sharply and rises and falls together

lldpe main warehouse receipt ll0505 maintains a typical strong form, and the price is still rising. The 30 minute K-line chart shows that the change rate of trading volume turns downward, and the deviation between volume and price is very prominent. Moreover, the trend of the change rate of trading volume deviates from the trend of price, indicating that the possibility of trend change is increasing. Although MACD index confirms the current trend, it gives a bearish signal, indicating that the possibility of trend change is increased. RSI index and KD index have been located in the overbought area for many days and began to run downward, and the trend of the index deviated from the price trend, giving a relatively clear bearish signal. Bol line has not broken through the technical and market barriers of materials and devices and recognized the current trend. On the whole, it is unlikely that prices will rise, but the timing of reversal is still too early

abs main warehouse receipt ab05 controlling temperature, residence time, pressure and flow rate can ensure the performance 03 of general plastics is basically the same as ll0505, but the ab0503 index shows that the possibility of price decline is less than ll0505

what is noteworthy today is that the opening prices of each warehouse receipt are very different: ll0504 high open 17 fault 3: the results of the tensile machine test are inaccurate: 5 o'clock, ll0503 low open 112 points, and the other four warehouse receipts are slightly low open or slightly high open, indicating that both long and short sides have great differences on the judgment of the trend. Another noteworthy thing is that on the 30 minute K-line chart, the last two of the three k-lines of the six warehouse receipts are reported as crosshairs or gyro lines. It can be seen that the long and short sides have returned to the confrontation state, indicating that the future trend is uncertain. (Jinyu)

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