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Cloud computing makes big data analysis easier

interconnection, cloud computing and big data have now become the co founders and chief scientist of the three. Fang xuanlai is a lifelong professor of mechanical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of technology. Generally speaking, an Internet company must be a data company at the same time. On the contrary, an Internet company that cannot obtain benefits from data must not be a good cloud computing application. Further, many enterprises will do data value mining, but if they can't get data value at the lowest cost, they can't survive. The thing that turns data into wealth at a low cost is cloud computing

so how does cloud computing help big data transform piles of messy information into economic benefits

first of all, cloud computing as an industry expert is the premise of extracting big data

in the information society, the amount of data is growing and technology is progressing. Most enterprises can obtain additional benefits through big data. On the premise of massive data, if the cost of extracting, processing and making the sample slip during the experiment exceeds the data value itself, then value is equivalent to no value. Powerful cloud computing capabilities from public, private and hybrid clouds are indispensable for reducing the cost of data extraction

secondly, cloud computing is an artifact for filtering useless information

generally speaking, 90% of the data collected for the first time are useless data, so it is necessary to filter out the available data that can provide economic benefits to enterprises. Among the large amount of useless data, two major categories need to be filtered out. One is the large amount of temporary information stored, which is almost unnecessary to invest; The second is to access the internal network data from the outside of the company's firewall, which is of extremely low value. Cloud computing can provide on-demand expanded computing and storage resources, which can be used to filter out useless data. Among them, public cloud is the best choice to deal with network data outside the firewall

thirdly, cloud computing can efficiently analyze data

in the data analysis stage, public cloud and hybrid cloud technology can be introduced. In addition, Hadoop like distributed processing software platform can be used in the data centralized processing stage. After data analysis is completed, the original data provided for analysis does not need to be retained all the time. Private cloud can be used to import the analysis and processing results, that is, the available information into the company

finally, cloud computing helps enterprises manage virtualization

the available information is ultimately used to guide decision-making. By applying software as a service to the cloud platform, the available information can be transformed into the existing system of the enterprise to help the enterprise strengthen the management mode

China has a leading edge in the field of inter component and batch services. At present, it has become the world's leading country with cloud computing technology strength. More and more enterprises realize that the combination with cloud computing will make big data analysis easier. In the next few years, if we can make in-depth exploration in the field of the combination of big data and cloud computing, it will make us more competitive in the global market

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