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Comprehensive review of rubber futures in Shanghai and Tokyo

Tokyo June 29 news, affected by the weakness of the yen, TOCOM rubber futures closed higher on Wednesday. The benchmark rubber contract in December ended 0.7 yen higher at 159.9 yen/kg. Other contracts closed higher by 0 7 yen/kg. Tokyo, June 29: NYMEX crude oil futures contract rose slightly in the electronic session on Wednesday, after falling $2 in the New York market on Tuesday, as a large number of profit taking positions led by funds emerged after the oil price rose to a record high above $60 a barrel. At 0050gmt, NYMEX August crude oil futures rose $0.14, or 0.24%, to $58.34 a barrel. Trading volume was moderate, with 2230 hands. The US exchange yen continued to be supported by the overall long-term moving average today, and hit a new high this year, reaching around 1:110.30 yen at 16:45 p.m

today, most of Shanghai Jiaotong opened low and went high. The overall strength remains the same, and the performance of futures prices continues to be near strong and far weak. The spot monthly ru0507 contract jumped 120 points higher with 14420, the lowest to 14410, the highest to 14470, and closed at 14450, up 175 yuan/ton compared with the settlement price of the previous trading day, with 810 transactions, 66 daily positions, and 1672 CNOOC Zhuhai natural gas liquefaction project. The main ru0509 contract opened 45 points lower at 14370. At the beginning of the session, it bottomed slightly, as low as 14360. Then, with the significant increase of positions, the futures price also rose rapidly. Later and in the afternoon, the market remained above the average price, with a strong shock, as high as 14520. At the end of the session, some positions were closed at 14495, up 125 yuan/ton from the settlement price of the previous trading day. The trading volume was mildly enlarged to 25086 hands, and the daily position was increased by 388 hands to 15204 hands

on June 29, China rubber SCR5 (No. 5 standard glue) spot morning listing Market: the listing volume is 2383, the average price is 14239, the highest price is 14500, and the lowest price is 13900; Afternoon trading: the trading volume was 2248, the average price was 14353, the highest price was 14500, and the lowest price was 14100, an increase of 0.64%

according to the news, Vietnam's rubber export price continued to rise in June, and the current price is vnd 22million/ton. Compared with April, the price increased by about vnd 1-2million/ton. According to the Vietnam Rubber Association, Vietnam's rubber export volume in 2004 was 495000 tons, ranking fourth in the world in terms of natural rubber export volume. At present, Vietnamese rubber has been exported to 46 countries and regions where the experimental machine adopts the frame integral steel plate welded frame structure, among which the countries and regions with the largest export volume are China, South Korea, Europe and North America. According to the latest estimation. This year, Vietnam is expected to export 400000 tons of all kinds of rubber, and the export amount is expected to reach 600million US dollars. Relevant departments revealed that by 2010, the area of rubber planting in Vietnam will exceed 700000 hectares, and the output is expected to reach 520000 tons

technically, the ru0509 contract closed with a short upper and lower shadow line, and the initial price was slightly lower than the 5-day moving average. However, the subsequent increase in positions showed that the Bulls actively supported the market and were strong and difficult to stop. At present, the short-term moving average still supported Jinan experimental machinery factory's low price consultation 0531 (8) was effective, the overall upward trend continued, the moving average system was still significantly long, and the top pressure on the disk was blocked near 14500, There are obvious signs of closing positions near the two times. Both long and short operations are more cautious, and most of them are short-term operations. The daily KDJ index continues to maintain long divergence in the top area, and the MACD index still extends smoothly. At present, the position increase of far month contracts is still not positive enough, and the trend of futures price today is slightly weaker than that of recent months and main contracts. Although the overall Shanghai rubber market continues to maintain a good upward trend, most of the technical indicators of major contracts are seriously overbought, and it is expected that there is a need for technical adjustment in the near future

today's Shanghai Jiao market continues to be strongly driven by the external Tokyo Jiao market. The continued strength of domestic spot transaction prices has prompted the spot monthly contracts to jump sharply and open higher. The main contracts have also reached a new high, and the total trading volume and positions have increased. Although the crude oil futures price has fallen, it still remains high, and the market demand for Tianjiao is still relatively strong. On the whole, the positive factors of fundamentals still boost the futures price of Shanghai Jiaotong. At present, uncertain weather factors still need to be paid attention to. During the peak season of rubber cutting, a large number of new rubber will be listed, which will form a certain restriction on the future price. As the current bullish factors are still dominant, it is expected that the trend of strong volatility in the short term is more likely. It is recommended that investors continue to pay attention to the changes in the positions of the main force and forward contracts. In terms of operation, while maintaining long thinking, we should also be alert to the emergence of callback market

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