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Cogito, a sound analysis software company, announced the completion of a $15million round B financing

now AI has begun to play a role in basic customer service, such as chat robots on Facebook. But other companies choose another way: Using AI technology to improve the quality of human services. The sound analysis software developed by Boston based cogito can help the professionals in the customer service center provide better after-sales and sales services

the company recently announced that it had completed a $15million round B financing. OpenView venture partners is the leading investor in this round of financing. As part of the transaction, Scott Maxwell, the co-founder of OpenView, will join the board of directors of cogito. Existing investors Romulus capital and salesforce ventures also participated in this round of investment. The company just completed the round a financing of $5.5 million a year ago, and the closing performance is very stable. So far, the company has received a total financing of $22.5 million

joshua beast, co-founder and CEO of cogito, said in an email statement that with the support of new funds, the company will continue to promote the research and development of related products, and also plans to recruit more personnel. We hope to double the existing 40 person team in the next 12 to 18 months by adopting the same kind of materials to realize functionalization in the fully integrated automated process

cogito is a real-time feedback platform, which mainly provides services for customer service agents. Cogito is committed to helping customer service centers around the world improve customer experience with the help of relevant principles of behavioral science. When the customer service personnel provide services, the software will analyze the customer's voice, such as volume, pause and speaking speed. If it recognizes that the customer has bad emotions, it will remind the overcoming personnel on the desktop software that they are too nagging, and then give corresponding suggestions for improvement

the company's behavior analysis software is based on the behavior analysis research results of MIT in recent ten years. It can successfully capture and interpret the honest signals in human language and behavior, so as to help us accurately understand the real intention of the actor. The company has tested the software in a variety of environments, including a government supported scientific research to detect and monitor psychological disorders in soldiers

since last year, cogito has begun to sell its products in the commercial market, mainly for business departments (insurance companies, health care companies, financial services companies, etc.) that need to improve its impact strength and elongation, solvent resistance, environmental resistance, processing performance and electroplating. The working principle of the company's behavior analysis software is to remind customer service personnel of their mistakes in providing services, and adjust their speaking methods in time according to the customer's emotions and personal preferences identified by the software

Cogito said that the company's software can not only improve customer satisfaction, but also improve the work efficiency of customer service personnel. The company has helped many top 500 enterprises improve customer satisfaction by 20%. At present, the enterprises using cogito's services include Humana and care first bluecross blueshield. At present, the company has established cooperative relations with thousands of customer service agents to help them provide better customer experience for millions of customers

although the application of behavioral science in business is just beginning, as the data applied by machine learning is more and more applied in behavioral research, the relevant research results of behavioral science will also be applied in many fields of international cooperation in the key field of equipment

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