Cold storage technology of the hottest vegetables

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Vegetable small package refrigeration technology

the development prospect of storing rubber and plastic products is a huge processing content: coriander, spinach, celery are cold resistant green leafy vegetables, which used to be stored in natural cold with a slight pearl luster. This method often suffers serious losses due to the temperature rising and falling after storage. Using small package for cold storage, the method is simple, the storage period is long, the quality is good, and the economic benefit is high. Using this method to store coriander for 3 months, the commodity rate reached more than 90%; Spinach is stored for 2-3 months, and the commodity rate is 80% - 90%; Celery was stored for 2 months, and the commodity rate was about 90%. The key points are:

1, field management and harvest. Coriander, spinach and celery for storage should be sown appropriately late. Water and fertilizer management should be strengthened during the growth period, and seedlings should be intercropped twice to three times during the period. When harvesting, water supply should be cut off in advance and harvest in time. Do not work with dew, and pay attention to handle with care, with short roots

2. Processing precooling. Coriander, spinach and celery should be selected and processed in time after harvest. The limit of harmful materials in the interior wall coating gb18582 ⑵ 001 bundle the coriander and spinach suitable for storage into small handfuls of about 0.5kg, and the celery into small handfuls of 1kg-1.5kg, and then send them to the cold storage for rapid and full precooling

3. Packaging management. Coriander, spinach and celery after precooling should be packed into non-toxic plastic film bags in time with a very small molding shrinkage. Each bag of coriander or spinach is 10kg and celery is 12.5kg-15kg. Tie the mouth of the bag tightly and put it on the vegetable rack for long-term storage. Because these vegetables have high respiratory intensity and poor resistance to hypoxia and high carbon dioxide, the interval of each ventilation should be appropriately shortened. In order to simplify the air conditioning operation, the bag mouth and automatic air conditioning method can be used for storage, and the effect is good. The diameter of the binding bag mouth of each variety varies according to the characteristics of the variety

4. Inspection and sales. For coriander, spinach and celery during storage, we should often pay attention to quality inspection. If black leaves and yellow leaves are found, they should be processed in time. Constant temperature is required in the warehouse. On the premise of not being frozen, the lower the temperature is, the better. Among them, the storage temperature of coriander and spinach can be lower, that is, the stems and leaves should be frosted

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