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The coil winding processing functions of different winding machines

due to the different functional requirements of various coil products, the types of winding machines will be more and more high and diversified in the future. At present, the common winding machines are full-automatic winding machine, semi-automatic winding machine, circular winding machine, servo precision winding machine, transformer winding machine, automatic magnetic ring winding machine and other machine types

circular winding machine

special special models, commonly including side sliding type and belt type, are special models for winding circular coils. There has been no significant technical change since the emergence of this model. At present, the machine head is mainly imported, and the more common brands are American Goldman and other brands. The imported machine head has many advantages compared with the domestic machine head. The workmanship is relatively fine, and the material is generally made of special alloy with excellent wear resistance, The machine heads can withstand the requirements of long-time operation and processing. Some machine heads adopt a split structure design, and the upper and lower wire storage ring change is more convenient and fast. The circular winding machine is generally a desktop mechanism, and the equipment is mainly of mechanical structure, and the price is mainly divided into two categories: imported head and domestic head

automatic magnetic ring winding machine

automatic magnetic ring winding machine is mainly applicable to magnetic ring winding processing, magnetic ring coil processing, magnetic ring inductance coil processing, etc. Zhongshan magnetic ring winding processing factory

transformer winding machine

it is a common model, which can be divided into horizontal and vertical structures. We generally find that the horizontal winding machine is a special equipment used to wind transformer coils, The traditional transformer winding machine is relatively simple. If the accuracy of the strain gauge is not high, or the anti-aging ability of the glue used to fix the strain gauge is not good, or the material of the sensor is not good, it will affect the accuracy and service life of the sensor. One is the model of manual wire arrangement and shaping. The modern model has an automatic wire arrangement series. The transformer is a large electrical component, so the structure of the winding machine is relatively large, The weight also ranges from hundreds of kilograms to thousands of kilograms according to the level of the winding machine. Due to the continuous application of modern technology in the transformer winding machine, the functions of new models have also become more powerful. The emergence of flexible pre pressing device has replaced the cumbersome process of traditional manual beating and shaping, making the winding process of the transformer simpler

semi automatic winding machine

at present, the most widely used model is also called CNC automatic winding machine. It can automatically arrange wires and complete different winding requirements with different mechanical structures. It has many advantages such as high efficiency, convenient maintenance and high cost performance. Domestic manufacturers generally use CNC controllers, and some manufacturers also use self-developed controllers as the control core. CNC models are already a very mature model, Many manufacturers have made innovations and upgrades in functions and uses, and the series of products used have been continuously extended. As the most widely used model in the market, the price of this model is much lower than the price of tens of thousands of yuan for fully automatic winding machine. According to different uses, there are thousands to tens of thousands of prices. The disadvantage of this model is that one machine must be equipped with an operator. At present, the application of this model can be seen in ballast, inductance coil production and other occasions

servo precision winding machine

the product of today's high-tech integration is also the most advanced and powerful model at present. The high-end model can fully simulate the human hand's wire arrangement action. The spindle and wire arrangement adopt high-precision servo motors. The control system adopts a PLC system with high computing ability, which has the functions of automatic operation, automatic discrimination, error correction and so on. Due to the use of closed-loop control, Therefore, the equipment can automatically correct when there are phenomena such as out of step of the wire arrangement, and the high-resolution servo motor can ensure the stability of the equipment operation at high and low speeds. The accessories of this model are also relatively advanced, such as auxiliary mold unloading device, active tension paying off frame, electromagnetic automatic adjusting tensioner, etc. due to the use of a large number of high and new technologies, the price is much higher than that of CNC automatic winding machine, It is generally used in occasions with specific requirements for coil parameters

fully automatic winding machine

a new model developed in recent years, in order to meet the requirements of high efficiency and high output, fully automatic models generally adopt multi head linkage design, and most domestic manufacturers refer to the automatic shutdown in Taiwan and other places; The design of this model adopts programmable controller as the control core of the equipment, and cooperates with manipulator, pneumatic control elements and executive accessories to complete the functions of automatic wiring, automatic foot winding, automatic thread cutting, automatic skeleton loading and unloading, etc. this model has high production efficiency. Large (2) measuring the diameter and height of the test piece greatly reduces the dependence on labor. An operator can look after several such equipment at the same time, The production quality is relatively stable, which is very suitable for processing occasions with high output requirements. However, due to the integration of many new technologies such as numerical control, pneumatic and optical control, the price of this model is as low as tens of thousands of yuan and as high as hundreds of thousands of yuan. The price also makes many users sigh. In addition, due to the functional requirements, a large number of non-standard parts and customized parts are used for the parts of the equipment. Therefore, in case of failure, the relative maintenance process will be very complex and the cycle will be relatively long. Its progressiveness and high output still attract customers. (end)

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