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CoDeSys 3 hmi/plc

tx700 HMI, which meets the needs of modification and industry 4.0, has various interfaces from Modbus RTU to opc-ua, making the existing facilities meet the needs of modern automation systems

at SPS IPC drives, Turk will show some powerful products supporting CoDeSys 3 programming as a supplement to the TX hmi/plc series. Compared with the existing tx500 model, two new core modifications are added: the tx700 device supports the working frequency experiment method: the multi-core processor with a rate of 800 MHz and adopts the modern Linux platform. This supports the implementation of more complex control tasks and visualization. Tx700 is also equipped with a glass display screen with capacitive touch function, which can realize the intuitive operation usually completed through gesture control in intelligence

with rich interfaces, tx700 can be used for multi-functional applications at the factory, such as PROFINET, ethernet/ip, Modbus TCP, Modbus RTU and master station in CANopen. In the above two MODBUS networks, it can also be used as a slave (server). This versatility can significantly reduce the number of inventory equipment. CANopen and Modbus RTU are particularly useful for developing more new field devices for use instead of plastic and connecting existing machine components to the current U, O functioning modern controller system. The integrated pressure testing machine has a certain difference in performance and fundamental parameters. OPC UA server supports parallel transmission of monitoring data to higher-level systems

with three independent Ethernet ports, users can physically separate the communication from the machine controller to the cloud or office IT network. This can ensure reliable PLC operation and realize the switching function for establishing line topology. In terms of physical interfaces, tx700 also includes a sub-d interface, an SD card slot and two USB interfaces

tx700 display size can be 5, 7, 10, 15 and 21 inches. Turk's TX100 series also provides simple HMI operation equipment without any PLC function

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technical article retrofitting more21805e for Industry 4.0 [pdf, 0,74 mb]

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