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Installation specification for multifunctional control instruments of solar water heater

I. installation and construction

1 Determine the fixed position of the host according to the situation of the user's room. The host shall be installed on the wall with a height of not less than 1.4m from the ground and convenient for users to operate

2. When punching expansion bolts or steel nails on the wall, the wires buried in the wall must be avoided

3. Wiring laying: it shall meet the requirements of national standards

(1) lay PVC rigid plastic pipe or outdoor exposed laying. It shall not be laid in high temperature and places prone to mechanical damage

(2) the connection of hard plastic pipe must be firm and sealed. The exposed hard plastic pipe shall be protected by steel pipe at the place where it passes through the floor and is vulnerable to mechanical damage, and the protection height shall not be less than 0.5m

(3) the distance between fixed points of exposed plastic pipes should be uniform. The distance between the pipe clamp and the turning midpoint of the terminal is 0.15 ~ 0.5m, and the maximum distance between the middle pipe clamp is 1m

(4) the conductor shall not have joints and kinks in the pipe. When the plastic sheathed wire is exposed, the fixed distance of the wire clip shall not be greater than 0.3m

(5) after the hard plastic wire pipe is laid to the support of the solar water heater, a waterproof bend must be made. A section of wiring from the waterproof bend to the junction box of the electric heater must be protected by four vertical bar connecting tubes between the upper beam and the test bench

4. Connection of sheath wire with electric heater and host

(1) the wire core shall not be damaged when the insulation layer of the wire is cut. The wires connected to the electric heater must be treated with tin ironing or crimping

it is expected that the negotiation will continue until June 2019 (2). Wires of corresponding colors should be crimped according to the NL and grounding symbols marked on the terminal spring testing machine of electric heater during operation

(3) the host is connected with the sheath wire by a three pole plug. When pressing wires according to NL and grounding symbols marked on the three pole plug, they must correspond to the wires on the pressing terminal of the electric heater one by one, so as to prevent short circuit accidents caused by pressing wires

5. Refer to the installation instructions of various products for the connection of water temperature, water level and various signal lines

II. Power transmission inspection

1 The original indoor wiring of the user should meet the following requirements:

(1) use a 1.5KW electric heater, and the cross section of the original indoor wiring should be not less than 1.5 mm2 for copper core wire and not less than 4 mm2 for aluminum core wire

(2) a three pole socket with protective grounding is required to connect with the host. The capacity of the socket shall not be less than 250V, 10a

2. Turn on the "power switch" of the host so that the host can correctly display the water temperature and level

3. Start the electric heating and check whether the function is effective. Press the "test button" to check whether the leakage protection function is sensitive and reliable

4. Check the water supply and stop function of the solenoid valve

5. Check the power-off function of water outlet: for products with this function, turn on the electric heating when there is enough water in the water tank. While turning on the faucet, observe whether the word "electric heating" disappears immediately and whether the power is cut off automatically

6. Check the automatic antifreeze function: for products with this function, when the ambient temperature is lower than 0 ℃, the relay of the host will have a closing sound, and then press the "electric heating" button, which will not work temporarily, indicating that the machine is performing the antifreeze function

therefore, production and sales cannot be true after production. III. introduction to use

1 In order to ensure the service life of the host and sensor, the "power switch" should be turned off at any time without operation, except for fully automatic control instrument products

2. Check the leakage protection function, and check the function at least once a month during use

3. Using 1.5KW electric heater, for 100 liters of water, it can increase about 10 ℃ in one hour

4. Don't forget to close the valve when using the manual valve to fill water or adjust the water temperature

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