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A complete set of solutions for lubricant and radial seal ring material

the influence of lubricant on the material and sealing slope (sealing lip) of a sleeve radial shaft seal ring must be paid attention to in the structural design. Because if the lubricant decomposes the material, no drive system can achieve the expected life. Now the coordinated lube & seal system provided by Freudenberg simrit and Klueber lubrication can help in this regard

the coordination between the radial shaft seal ring and the lubricant will play a decisive role in the overall function and service life of the driving technology equipment. In order to make it easier for users to choose, Freudenberg simrit and Klueber lubrication developed the Lubrication & sealing system "lube & seal", which combines these two specialized technologies into a comprehensive technology. In this way, they can provide the best matching sealing rings, lubricants and tribo (friction) integrated solutions for composite devices. Using lubrication sealing system can improve the reliability and service life of machines and equipment to the greatest extent. In addition, the design and development personnel have only one responsible dialogue partner, and they have developed a tested solution of thermoplastic resin rising with temperature for this partner. The decisive factor for a reliable radial shaft seal is that they can quickly start spraying these two high-quality and high-yield products, which are the service life, machine availability, maintenance costs, reliability in quality and the strength of the related machine suppliers. Although the seal ring is a structural member that bears a particularly high load in physics, tribology and chemistry, it is still required to keep the seal for a long time

the function of the sealing ring is like a small pump, which transports lubricant or gas to the lower part of the sealing edge, and then transports it back to the oil cavity. This function can provide sufficient lubrication between the shaft and the sealing bevel (sealing lip) and avoid wear and tear. Of course, this functionality also depends on the compatibility between the lubricant and the sealing lip elastomer. If you do not pay attention to this, it may lead to the rapid decomposition or hardening of the sealing lip

a complete set of solutions can provide safety and longer service life for the driving device

in order to minimize friction and wear, the sealing ring and lubricant must be coordinated and matched with each other. When selecting lubricant, pay attention to the formation of a separate lubricating film in the bearing, on the gear unit and on the sealing lip. Lubricants should reduce friction, improve transmission efficiency, improve heat conduction and prevent corrosion

in order to enable the structural designers to best solve the transmission problem, for the first time, we provided them with a comprehensive electronic universal testing machine. The main machine of the electronic universal testing machine is mainly composed of a base, a workbench, a column, a lead screw, a moving beam and an upper beam, which is a precision matching and tested Lubrication & sealing system lube & seal composed of sealing rings and special lubricants. The developers of lube & seal system provide a wide range of services on complex friction systems, and one company can supply radial shaft seals and lubricants

experts have made a comprehensive observation on the system, and its purpose is to reduce the failure rate in terms of service life to a minimum. It will not be used until the specified wear limit or aging limit of the lubricant is indeed reached

because the joint action of sealing materials and lubricants is often studied and tested, it ensures that the equipment of the user of the driving device has high reliability and long service life. In addition, the comprehensive solution also enables manufacturers of single drive equipment and the whole drive system to reduce development time and gain competitive advantage

cost saving scheme

simrit's lube & seal system provides researchers with an effective comprehensive scheme that matches each other. It has many advantages:

● reduce development time

● reduce costs in structural design and manufacturing

● lubricant that best matches the sealing ring and drive system

● reduce friction and wear

● the safety is improved due to the clear wear limit

● prolong the service life of the whole system

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