COFCO futures needs to grasp fleeting opportunitie

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COFCO Futures: seize the fleeting opportunity

the opening price of Shanghai Jiao 0807 is predicted to be 21810 yuan. UPS performance warning, Citigroup sold $12billion in debt and other news, the Dow fell slightly; IMF predicts that the probability of U.S. economic recession is 25%. Just a few days ago, the two fed chairmen predicted that the probability is 50%. A-shares have gradually integrated into the global capital market: 1. The sharp fall of A-shares led to the decline of the Dow Jones index, and the non rise of the Dow Jones index led to the decline of the US dollar. The decline of the US dollar led to the rise of prices and the rise of commodities; 2. The seesaw relationship between the Dow Jones industrial average, the US dollar and commodity prices such as crude oil and gold is more obvious; 3. Americans give gold many themes, such as financial attributes. Two months ago, we reminded investors that the IMF should sell gold reserves accounting for 2.5% of the global inventory. Gold is a good thing, and the key depends on the buying price. If the gold price is low, it is the transmission ratio. Why should Americans sell it? 4. The game of commodity prices between China and the United States has just begun. A-share investors can hedge some risks through commodity futures. Led by the new high of crude oil, the commodity futures market has a good rise in most commodities after turning the handwheel. The characteristics are as follows: 1. There is no record high in copper and tin, with tin rising 0.75%, lagging behind the average level of commodity rise; 2. Palm oil and wheat fell by 1.69% and 0.28% respectively. Japanese market: the Japanese gold and Japanese rubber long funds increased their positions slightly during the session, and the increase in positions was small, which was not enough to change the trend of high opening and low going. The rise of mainstream commodities has a boost effect on the Japanese commodity market, but the current situation of Japanese rubber, who will buy in large quantities at 290 yen, waiting for the arrival of new rubber. Shanghai Jiaotong should pay attention to three issues: 1. Today is the third day of the long and short 21700 yuan competition. The bulls have failed the previous two days, and the Bulls understand what it means to give up; 2. Investors should pay attention to the position of 0807 after the high opening of Shanghai Jiaotong, and prevent bulls from using the rise of the outer market to escape; The 30806 contract GaoKai has opened a sesame door for spot traders and Nongken. Alibaba needs to grasp the fleeting opportunity. Operation: high altitude

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