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Specification for the use of Gaoling steel cable conduit

specification for the use of Gaoling steel cable conduit

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specification for the use of Gaoling steel cable conduit

the Chinese people are industrious and intelligent, and have unlimited innovation and creative potential. As long as it is fully released, China will have a broader space for development. " Hot dip plastic power steel pipe has the following characteristics: 1. High strength; 2. The insulation is free of electric corrosion; 3. Flame retardant, good heat resistance; 4. The inner wall is smooth and does not scratch the cable; 5. Socket connection, convenient for construction; 6. Light weight, simple and convenient installation and construction, two people can implement the installation on site; 7. Wide range of application: it is suitable for the protection pipe when the cable is buried, and it is also used in high demand occasions such as cable crossing bridges and rivers. Product characteristics: excellent pressure bearing performance and corrosion resistance. The middle layer of the plastic coated power protection pipe is steel strip, so the pressure bearing performance of the pipe is particularly good. Unlike the aluminum strip, the pressure bearing capacity of the pipe is not high. The large diameter Zui of the pipe can only be 63mm, and the large diameter Zui of the steel plastic pipe can be 200mm, or even larger. Because the steel strip in the middle layer of the pipe is closed, this steel plastic pipe also has an oxygen blocking effect, which can be directly used in direct drinking water projects, and its inner and outer layers are made of plastic, It has particularly good corrosion resistance. The plastic coated steel pipe for cable protection is a steel plastic composite pipe coated with polyethylene Xi or modified epoxy resin powder inside and outside. Coating a layer of plastic on the steel pipe wall is called plastic coated steel pipe, but according to the different plastic coating layers, plastic coated steel pipe can be divided into: plastic coated steel pipe inside, galvanized steel pipe inside, plastic coated steel pipe inside and outside. Plastic coated steel pipe inside and outside is also a kind of plastic coated steel pipe. Its characteristics are smooth inner wall, small friction resistance and no scaling; Light weight, good toughness, impact resistance, high compressive strength. Large diameter internal and external plastic coated composite steel pipe Hebei information, internal and external plastic coated composite steel pipe internal and external plastic coated steel pipe is a water supply composite pipe whose internal and external walls are coated with epoxy tree industrial ash concrete hollow partition strip jg3063 ⑴ 999 grease powder coating. The inner wall has strong corrosion resistance and good chemical stability, and can transport fluid media of -30 ℃ -90 ℃. After inspection, it meets the safety performance standards for drinking water, water transmission and distribution. The inner wall coating has strong adhesion, excellent impact resistance and strong cathodic stripping resistance. Because the coating surface of the inner wall of the pipeline is smooth, it can prevent the breeding and scaling of microorganisms. At the same time, the transmission resistance is small, which can increase the flow and save energy

the use of cable protection pipe is not only conducive to the improvement of urban appearance, traffic and environment, but also can avoid the interaction between cables and the impact of other underground pipelines on cables. The cable failure caused by external force damage is greatly reduced, and the service life of the cable is prolonged. At present, there are many kinds of cable protection pipes with different properties, which can be summarized as follows: metal materials, such as plastic coated steel pipes (buried cable sleeves), galvanized steel pipes, cast iron pipes, seamless steel pipes, etc; Villen cement pipe; Glass fiber reinforced plastic pipe; Plastic pipe. Among them, plastic coated steel pipe combines the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe, and is the best product of Zui cable protection pipe. The buried cable sleeve is a new type of pipe developed on the basis of the introduction of Japanese coating steel pipe production technology and equipment. This product uses the flow process to apply polyethylene powder evenly and firmly to the inner and outer surfaces of the steel pipe for burr removal and internal welding reinforcement, overcomes the shortcomings of ordinary steel pipes that are not corrosion resistant, and greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the steel pipe, which is acid, alkali and salt resistant, and solvent-free at room temperature. The internal and external surfaces are smooth, and the friction coefficient is small, which is conducive to cable threading. It has excellent mechanical properties, good electrical insulation, strong adhesion, good heat resistance, fire resistance and heat dissipation performance. Specification for use of Gaoling steel cable threading tube this product has good electrical insulation and does not need to worry about electric corrosion. It can be used for a long time in the range of low temperature - 40 and high temperature 80. The bonding force between the coating and the blank tube is strong, and there will be no peeling phenomenon under external pressure. Polyethylene has good extensibility and can be bent at room temperature. The product has the advantages of good corrosion resistance, high mechanical performance, excellent weather resistance, excellent insulation performance, smooth surface, low friction coefficient, easy construction and so on. Hot dip plastic power steel pipe combines the advantages of steel pipe and plastic pipe. It has strong aging resistance and corrosion resistance, high mechanical strength, strong pressure bearing force, excellent weather resistance, excellent insulation performance, smooth internal and external surfaces, small friction coefficient, low water absorption, and large temperature range. It is an upgraded product of traditional cable threading pipe. The socket connection mode adopted by the cable protection pipe is reasonable in design, fast in connection, simple and safe, economical and practical coating material: PE (modified polyethylene) or EP (epoxy resin). With the continuous development of electric power industry, information industry and national economy, environmental protection issues have gradually attracted people's attention. Cable grounding has been widely and firmly promoted in urban power construction, communication pipeline construction and transformation. Electric hot-dip plastic threading pipe is a new type of green environmental protection pipe developed and produced by introducing foreign advanced technology and process, and has obtained the inspection report certificate issued by the quality inspection and testing center of electrical equipment in the power industry. The product meets the technical requirements and general requirements of G2 conduit for electrical installation. FPE polyethylene powder and epoxy resin powder can be used for the internal and external anti-corrosion coating. After special process, the plastic layer power supply is used to induce the lamp to light up and fuse with the internal and external walls of the steel pipe layer at high temperature, which has a strong binding force with the steel pipe, and the coating surface is smooth and beautiful. Gaoling

plastic coated composite pipe is a steel plastic composite pipe composed of a layer of polyethylene (PE) resin, polyurea, ethylene copolymer (EAA), epoxy (EP) powder, non-toxic (PP) or non-toxic polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and other organic substances with a thickness of 0.5 ~ 1.0mm on the inner wall of the steel pipe. It not only has the advantages of high strength, easy connection, water impact resistance of the steel pipe, but also overcomes the problems of corrosion, pollution Scaling and low strength of plastic pipes, poor fire performance and other shortcomings. The main disadvantage is that bending is not allowed during installation. During thermal processing, electric welding and cutting, the cutting surface shall be painted with non-toxic normal temperature curing adhesive equipped by the manufacturer. According to the introduction of coating for threading, plastic steel pipe is a steel plastic composite pipe made with welded steel pipe as the base material and adopting sand blasting chemical dual pretreatment, preheating, internal and external coating, curing, post-treatment and other processes. It has excellent comprehensive performance, strong corrosion resistance and mechanical property, good chemical stability and water resistance, and has the functions of drag reduction, corrosion prevention, compression resistance, antibacterial, etc. It is generally not restricted by the transmission medium, and the plastic coating has a strong binding force with steel. Coating material: epoxy resin (EP) is applicable to the working environment below 80 ℃. The steel pipe coating has high adhesion, high hardness, good impact resistance and good chemical corrosion resistance. Its performance is basically determined by the performance of the main plastic. Plastics can be divided into thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics according to their performance changes after heating. The cable protection tube has excellent comprehensive performance, which can play a good role in cable protection and anti-aging, while reducing power loss. Test items: if the coating thickness is greater than or equal to 0.3mm, the inspection result is qualified; Bending test: the steel pipe has no cracks and the coating has not fallen off, and the inspection result is qualified; Flattening test: the layer will not peel off or break; Impact test: the coating will not peel off or break; Point voltage test, 2000V, no breakdown; Chemical corrosion resistance: no abnormality in salt spray accelerated test for 1 week; Flame retardant performance: non combustible and non combustion supporting. The hot-dip plastic power threading pipe is heated and flared by medium frequency power supply to facilitate the connection between pipes. The high-pressure sand blasting and high-speed shot blasting processes are adopted respectively to carry out deep physical treatment on the inner and outer wall surfaces of the steel pipe. At the same time, the steel pipe is heated to more than 300 ℃ and impregnated into a film, and then heated, solidified and leveled, ensuring good adhesion between the coating and the surface of the pipe, which greatly improves the reliability of the cable pipe. The coating is a new nano anti-corrosion thermoplastic powder coating, which is a special anti-corrosion powder coating produced by using polyethylene as the base material and adding a variety of functional additives and pigments. The coating layer has excellent chemical resistance, aging resistance, impact resistance, bending resistance, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, weather resistance, cracking resistance and other properties, and has strong adhesion. The surface of the coating is smooth and decorative. The coating thickness is more than 400 microns, which cannot be achieved by the spraying process, so the anti-corrosion performance is far higher than that of the current domestic similar products. Third, we should focus on strengthening risk control and personnel training. The international development of China's iron and steel enterprises mainly through international marketing, green investment and mergers and acquisitions, and more and more green investment and mergers and acquisitions with higher risk levels will appear in the future

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