Code for safety grounding of the hottest hoisting

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Specification for safe grounding of hoisting machinery

all live parts of cranes to protect them is a very bad investment for printing and realize all functional shells of projet MJP 5600. The calculated density should be reliably grounded to avoid accidental electric shock accidents. When the trolley rail is not welded to the main beam, it should also be welded for grounding, and the step-down transformer should be grounded at the low voltage side according to the drawing

the use unit is responsible for the grounding of equipment and control room that must be installed at the place of use

the grounding wire adopts galvanized flat iron with a cross-sectional area of less than 75 square mm, 10 square mm bare copper wire or 30 square mm galvanized iron. The grounding connection between the control room and the crane body adopts 4*10 mm galvanized flat iron, and there should be no less than two connecting wire devices. In order to focus on the opportunity of every instant service

the grounding wire should be fixed by electric welding or by electric welding or by using the grounding screw (Galvanized) on the equipment. The iron stain should be removed at the grounding place and the grounding wire should be painted with a safe color

the grounding resistance from any point of the crane to the neutral point of the power supply shall not be greater than 4 ohms

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